In August 2021, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in the market. Still, currently, users of the classic watch encounter the heretofore issue, “Number sync isn’t working,” which has been widely seen from the earliest days of the wearable. Howbeit Samsung community forum experts have taken steps to straighten out the problems. Now it has been sprouted out from another seed. According to a user, who shared his rancor on the Samsung forum said, 

“I think there may be a bug with the Galaxy Wear app or the GalaxyWatch plugin with respect to AT&T number sync. I’ve spent more than 11 hours with AT&T trying to fix this issue and can’t seem to get it resolved.

When you try to NumberSync, it should open up a web page or the AT&T application for you to sign in. But it doesn’t. All I get is a NullPointerException or JsonSyntaxException error code like below.

The watch software is up to date. The Galaxy Wear app is up to date. The watch has been provisioned three different times now. The look is active by itself, but NumberSync won’t work. I’ve even done a factory reset on the clock.

It seems like there’s a problem with the Galaxy Wear app code where it is trying to complete the NumberSync, but it can’t find the app so I can log into AT&T. Maybe the script is broken?  Anyone else has this issue? My next step is to swap out the watch and go through this again from scratch”. 

What seems unfamiliar is the sole solution provided by Samsung experts to resolve this problem didn’t apply to the situation. The user endeavored to secure his device from the bugs; he even tried to reset the device, only to wait for a new bug fix update. Resetting a device is the lattermost technique to eliminate unappreciated things from the device. Replying to the post, another user of the watch whose machine started to envelop the issue’s just a few days back bemoaned: 

“I’m having the same issue too. It started a couple of days ago. I didn’t update anything, neither the watch, the phone, nor the app. AT&T is unhelpful. Before this, it was working fine. Very frustrating”.

In the long run, another user who shrieked that upgrading to a new Samsung phone would get him it’s a device fixed said:

“I just got the watch one week ago, and I am having the same problem. Watch screen says sim not provisioned, error with number sync. I was told it would work with note 9. It looks like I may have to upgrade to a newer Galaxy phone“.

Eventually, the user received an answer but from another Samsung community user: 

“Might want to wait until Samsung fixes the issue before you upgrade. I’ve got a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Note20 Ultra, so I don’t know if upgrading will fix your issue”. 

It puts the full stop that bug won’t get distracted if users swap their phones with the new model until Samsung expires involved in it to address the issues. Moreover, it isn’t a self-standing issue few more users also complained about the problem and hoped for an immediate fix.

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