iPhone Users Can Now Search for Videos in TikTok Through “Apple Siri”

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Yukesh Prabhu
Yukesh Prabhu
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Apple Siri reportedly reached a partnership with TikTok on February 8. This newly added feature in Apple’s Siri enables a specific voice command in Apple’s virtual assistant.

Through Apple Siri, iPhone users can speedily search numerous video content of their choice in Tik Tok through Siri virtual assistant. This would mark a massive team-up for TikTok since the US president said that the US authorities banned the short video app.

The new feature has been released with plain sailing. Users wouldn’t be stressed over the process; pick up your phone after waking up from a tiring day and if you want to check whether sleeping less than eight hours may put on weight on you.

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Open the phone with a long press, and say, “TikTok search for ‘sleeping less than eight hours’ ” Siri will take up its chance to show up on the search results page related to lack of sleeping or something related to sleep in TikTok under your voice command.

Moreover, you aren’t asked to open the application manually. Just a voice command from the home page is enough to reach the apt results you are looking for. Thereupon,  you can also search for new topics from the app itself. Howbeit, in the past, users hadn’t allowed to automatically open TikTok through a simple voice command without physically typing a lengthy topic whose spelling is a little perplexing over the user’s fingers from backspacing everything to start from a very first word.

This might not be the instance for the newly developed voice command. With this feature, users only need to adjust their mouth to pronounce a word they were looking for to search through a voice command in Siri to get cracking TikTok automatically from a catnap.

After an order, TikTok will automatically guide users to the search results page. Compared to previous touch interactions, voice interaction is pretty much simple and more adaptable. According to TikTok,  through this new team, TikTok will offer users a more convenient form of Video search.

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