Apple Patent Offers a “Magnetic Car Vent Mount Device “

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Yukesh Prabhu
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Apple granted a patent related to “magnetic car vent mount with MagSafe device,” which was applied with the United States Patent And Trademark Office and tracked down by patently Apple. Perhaps, you might know the term Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro if you’re a user of iPhone mobiles.

Belkin is a mobile accessory manufacturer that solely produces external iPhones and other mobile brands’ accessories. Moreover, it is a certified firm that provides accessories for iPhones. However, Apple’s latest patent mirrors the appearance of Belkin’s “Magnetic Car Vent Mount.”

Magnetic Car Vent Mount Device
Image credit: Patently Apple

But, there is no point in competing with the accessory brand. If Apple wants to invent new accessories on its own, it should be prepared to open the way to explore more on the external accessories side. The Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro allows iPhone users to place their iPhones to the car vents with the magnetic systems built into the phone. But, it doesn’t charge the phone. In the patent abstract, Apple clearly explains the function of the “Car Vent.”

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Handsets are a great companion while heading towards someplace by car. It could be used to get information about the site, switch on the map to reach the exact location, and even listen to music. Phones are becoming inevitable travel partners in our journey.

Woefully, at the time of travel, we can’t put it in the right place; the phone can jiggle inside the car while we take risky turns or happen to cross a gigantic speed breaker. This situation would probably disturb the users. It can be a wish to offer an attached machine that can safely secure a phone to the surface of the vehicle. 

Even some attachments would come with the features of charging a phone. Apple’s new patent can offer attachment devices that could keep your phone secured in the required place in a vehicle. Moreover, personification in the attachment can further offer power to the phone or any other device.  

Howbeit, in Belkin’s “Car Vent,” there isn’t any evidence of charging a phone while being attached, but Apple could provide a charging feature in its Magnetic Car Vent technology.

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