Global technology brand OPPO has introduced its latest 5G customer premises equipment (CPE) device, the ‘OPPO 5G CPE T2’ at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 here.

CPE refers to any piece of connected equipment that is used for accessing the Internet or generally accessing services on a provider network, whether directly or indirectly connected to that network.

OPPO’s accumulation of technology and expertise in 5G over the years has allowed it to achieve comprehensive optimisation of connection. This device will help drive the premium 5G experience for users across the world with its outstanding network connectivity, incredible speed, and simple, elegant design, – Tasleem Arif, VP, and R&D Head, OPPO India told IANS.

Following in the footsteps of the OPPO 5G CPE T1 series and the Omni, the OPPO 5G CPE T2 is the latest installment in OPPO’s 5G CPE offerings.

The T2 features an all-new design and recycled materials, as well as OPPO’s latest O-Reserve 2.0 smart antenna technology and tailored optimizations in collaboration with Qualcomm.

It aims to deliver faster and more stable connectivity, making it the ultimate hub for homes and offices to enjoy the speed and convenience of the 5G network.

“We have collaborated with operators globally for the availability of the OPPO 5G CPE T1 series. We will continue to explore more collaborations and innovate to redefine the 5G experience for users globally,” Arif noted.

5G CPE devices convert 5G signals into Wi-Fi or LAN network connections, allowing multiple devices to connect to a 5G service in environments such as the home, office, and more.

In areas without existing broadband infrastructure, devices can connect to fast 5G internet by simply connecting to a 5G CPE device with a 5G SIM card installed.

The OPPO 5G CPE T2 features a Qualcomm SnapdragonTM X62 5G Modem-RF system, which OPPO has worked with Qualcomm to further optimize, achieving over 20 percent increases in data transfer speeds versus the platform baseline.

In terms of compatibility, the T2’s hardware architecture is designed so that the Snapdragon X62 5G modem can be interchanged with the Snapdragon X65 modem, enabling OPPO to upgrade the T2 if needed based on operator clients’ requirements for different markets.

For the T2 antenna, OPPO has introduced its latest O-Reserve 2.0 smart antenna technology, which monitors signals received by 8 antennas in real-time and selects 4 of these antennas based on the gain strength and signal quality to form a downlink route.

When comparing the downlink speed with O-reserve 2.0 turned on and off, there is an improvement of at least 10 percent in terms of download speeds on the T2 (based on lab data).

On the inside of the device, the T2’s internal architecture and layout of its components deliver heat dissipation performance that far surpasses industry standards.

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