Holoride’s in-car VR system to arrive Audi vehicles by June this year

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Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf Balogun
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Recently, at the SXSW conference in Austin, the subsidiary of the German automobile giant, Holoride has revealed that its headset-based VR entertainment system will be debuted in some Audi models in June this year, using the newest MIB 3 software.

This is a significant achievement for Holoride, a company that was spun out of Audi a few years ago. This initiative could signal a new push by automakers to develop innovative ways to attract buyers and users’ attention.

The Holoride system combines augmented reality with the physical world of backseat passengers to create a motion-synchronized journey as you travel. The Holoride system is also brand-agnostic, meaning it may be used by a variety of automakers.

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Holoride has teamed with Terranet, a Swedish ADAS software development company, to enable its VR system sensors and software stack to gather and analyze the environment quickly and precisely. Terranet offers a technique called VoxelFlow that calculates virtual reality movements based on data points received from the automobile.

The software for creating virtual reality content for automobiles is also open-source, allowing developers to not only create but also profit from their work.

Currently, the only additional cost associated with using the virtual reality system is the purchase of a headset. The Holoride technology, on the other hand, provides a lot of opportunities for automakers and developers to monetize immersive experiences and generate income from car owners by providing subscription services or charging for content.

According to Allied Market Research, the worldwide automotive AR and VR market is predicted to reach $674 million by 2025. The integration of a virtual reality environment into series automobile production is an essential first step toward the creation of futuristic content that passengers will consume as driverless cars become more common.

Holoride is owned by Audi, and the firm aims to be a pioneer in the development of autonomous vehicle technology. It also represents a near-term possibility for Audi’s existing human-driven vehicles to generate additional money.

 Both in-car content and opportunities have a bright future ahead of them. When self-driving cars start rolling off the manufacturing lines, we’ll all be passengers.

Holoride, as the first startup to enter the fray, has the ability to define a new media category called “Elastic Content,” according to the business.

No matter what type of encounter you are having, the Holoride virtual reality system will adjust to the vehicle’s motion so that your immersive experience will replicate the actual turns, stops, and acceleration of the car.

Holoride claims that its in-car entertainment system provides plenty of options. Passengers immersed in the experience will be able to collect and purchase non-fungible tokens on the Elrond blockchain from within the Holoride virtual surroundings. Such location-based experiences link virtual surroundings to real-world events and locales.

In virtual reality encounters, motion sickness has been a serious issue. The synchronizing of the virtual with the real-world physical movement of the vehicle, according to Holoride, reduces the symptoms.

Holoride raised $12 million at a $30 million value last year. The company also debuted a VR prototype at CES 2019 that allowed reporters to take a spin around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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