Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced no shortage of natural disasters – COVID-19, Australian wildfires, Kentucky tornadoes, and the earthquake in Haiti are just a few on an unfortunately long list. Occurrences like these have made it abundantly clear why everyone should have a reliable power source because, when catastrophe strikes, resources can become scarce and expensive; the last thing anyone should have to worry about is having power. Renogy developed the Lycan 5000 with the above concept in mind because whether you reside in the city, in the countryside, or by the water, natural disasters can happen at any given time and everyone should be able to have peace of mind.

Braving the Elements

Natural disasters don’t pick and choose who to affect; everyone in the surrounding area will feel its impact. So when creating the Lycan 5000, the engineers identified three subgroups that fall outside the realm of your “typical solar energy user” (campers who live off-grid) that would benefit from the protection of a best-of-class, but affordable, energy storage unit. 

The first group they looked at were those searching for large capacity backup power sources to utilize as their main source of electricity. Certain locations around the world are more prone to power outages naturally. This may be because the area itself does not have a continuous stream of power connectivity or caused by consistent environmental interference; for instance, Southern California is known to have rolling brownouts in the summer due to heatwaves.

Thanks to its IP rating (meaning the unit can withstand a certain amount of impact or various elements without the system failing), the Lycan brings confidence and comfort to those conditions.

A Cost-Saving Solution

Aside from the health and safety risks that came along in 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic also created a massive economic downfall that still impacts us two years later. With millions of lost jobs coupled with skyrocketing gas and electric prices, many simply cannot keep up their payments. This is the second group that was considered with the Lycan 5000.

There are certain times during the day known as ‘peak hours’. Peak hours refer to specific days and times where electric prices are particularly high due to the demand or any other specifics relating to the region. With a capacity of 5000 watts, the Lycan can be used to store energy during non-peak times and save it for future use. With Lycan, you can use this system on a regular basis and drastically reduce one of your recurring expenses.

Peace-of-Mind Caretaking

The third group that helped inspire the Lycan 5000 was caretakers of all varieties. Those who are responsible not only for their own well-being but for others as well, hold the greatest need for a reliable backup system. This could range from an infant to someone who requires a constant connection to medical electrical equipment.

No caretaker should have to worry about the consequences of a power outage. Caring for another life is hard enough without the added worries of the unpredictable. Instead, they should be able to focus on their duties with peace of mind knowing their cared-for are protected by the Lycan. Plus, the Lycan’s portability allows it to move with the caretaker or be easily transported so it can go wherever responsibilities lie.

As with many of Renogy’s other ‘all in one’ solutions, such as the solar suitcase, the Lycan 5000 includes everything you need and is pre-connected and properly sized. Simply connect the solar panels and it’s good to go. There’s minimal maintenance required with the Lycan and all components are replaceable. Regardless of your present or future lifestyle, the events of tomorrow can’t be predicted or controlled, but you can move forward with peace of mind knowing you have an alternative solution with the Lycan 5000.

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