In a previous couple of months, Battlegrounds Mobile India has become one of India’s most popular and well-liked battle royale games. PUBG Mobile, which was prohibited in India, was replaced by this game. BGMI, on the other hand, offers a variety of distinctive features and gaming experiences. The Voice pack is one such fascinating feature that is being used by many players.

A voice pack is essentially an in-game chat option that allows gamers to issue various instructions without enabling the microphones. These can include designating adversaries, places, and even radio commands such as “help me” or “marked the destination.”

In the worldwide version of PUBG Mobile, voice packs are available in a variety of languages, and soon a Hindi voice pack will be available in BGMI as well. These packs may be customized by users, and it appears that several types of voice packages could be purchased.

Several Voice packs have been released and a few more will be added in the later future. In this article, we will list the 3 best and most popular voice packs as of April 2022.

BGMI 3 best and most popular Voice packs April 2022

1. Payal Gaming Voice pack

According to assessments, Payal is right now the most popular female live streamer in the BGMI gaming community. Her fame aided her in becoming the game’s first female player with her vocals.

Her voice bundle was included in the most recent 1.9 version and is still available in the game. A number of well-known YouTubers, as well as many other female players, have purchased the voice pack. Her massive fanbase adores her voice pack, and as a result, it is the first best, and most popular BGMI voice pack in April 2022.

2. Jonathan Voice pack

Jonathan is an Esports player as well as a streamer, with over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Because of his incredible gaming skills, he has a massive fanbase community. Based on his popularity, he became the first gamer to have the first-ever voice pack released.

His voice pack was introduced in January and is now the most popular BGMI Voice pack in April 2022. Even after the release of additional voice packs, players still favor the Jonathan voice pack because his voice adds a unique vitality to the game.

3. SNAX Voice Pack

Snax is amongst the populist BGMI streamers. Along with his gaming talent, his gentle behavior and Hyderabadi accents have contributed to his rise to prominence. Snax’s legendary voice pack includes voice messages in three languages: Tamil, Hindi, and English, offering it the game’s most diverse voice pack. It differs from other voice-packs in terms of language options, and so it is used mostly by native South Indian players. It is the best, and last but not least most popular voice pack of BGMI in April 2022.

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