Free Fire April month Diamond Royale Event: How to get the Soulless Executioner bundle?

Free Fire never compromises with the players when it comes to adding new events to the game. A new April month Diamond Royale bundle has been kicked off in the game featuring the Soulless Executioner bundle as its grand prize.

Diamond Royale is still one of the most popular ways for Free Fire players to obtain new and uncommon outfit packs. This specific Luck Royale has been in the game for several years, and the devs usually update it every 30 days. As a result, a new Diamond Royale bundle has been added for April month. In this post, you will get everything you need to know about the new Diamond Royale event, the Soulless Executioner bundle.

Free Fire follows a regular pattern for the Diamond Royale event, by adding alternative Male and Female bundles.  So, the previous March month female Dusklit Slayer bundle has been replaced by the male Soulless Executioner bundle.

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The new diamond royale bundle has been introduced on 6 April, and it will be available for 30 days from now, i.e. 6 May., Players can try their luck by spinning in this event to get this exclusive April month Diamond Royale bundle.

Players require to spend diamonds to make spins in this event. As the name “Luck Royale” suggests it is a luck-based event, players need to have a good luck rate to get the Soulless Executioner bundle in fewer spins. Each spin in Diamond royale costs 60 diamonds, whereas 10+1 spins cost 600 diamonds.

In addition to the Soulless Executioner bundle, it offers other rewards as follows:

  • Magic cube
  • Magic cube fragments 
  • Neolithic bundle
  • Paleolithic bundle
  • Flame fighter bundle
  • Lady of flame bundle
  • 100 diamonds discount coupon
  • 50% EXP card
  • 50% Gold card
  • Character fragments

Step 1: Go to the Luck Royale portion of the game lobby, which may be found on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Hover over the Diamond Royale area and select either 1 or 10+1 spins.

Step 3: Continue spinning until the Soulless Executioner bundle arrives.

In Diamond Royale, players can monitor their luck rate above the spinning options. Players will undoubtedly receive this bundle whenever their Luck rate reaches 100. They can also make spins with Diamond Royale vouchers instead of diamonds.


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