Free Fire April month Weapon Royale: How to get the legendary Roaring Gunfighter AUG skin?

The gun skins in’ Free Fire is crucial since they come up with distinct attributes that benefit players on the battlefield. They keep adding new gun skins to the game on a regular basis. Meanwhile, for a limited time, a new AUG gun skin named Roaring Gunfighter is currently available in the Weapon Royale area.

Gamers favor the Luck royale because they can obtain certain rewards after reaching a particular Luck rate. Following the soulless bundle in Diamond Royale, a new Weapon Royale gun skin has been added that will be available for the next 30 days. Players can show off their legendary gun skins in the lobby in addition to their attributes. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this all-new Weapon Royale featuring legendary Roaring Gunfighter AUG skin.

Free Fire April month Weapon Royale: Roaring Gunfighter AUG skin

The previous MAC-10 Weapon Royale event has ended, and the new Weapon Royale event with the Roaring Gunfighter AUG gun skin has begun in the game. This gun skin was added on April 7th and will be available till May 7th.

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The Luck Royale events, on the other hand, are not free; players must spend diamonds to gain access to the grand rewards. Weapon Royale costs 40 diamonds every spin, with 10+1 consecutive spins costing 400 diamonds. With a rise in Luck rate, the odds of winning the ultimate prize grow. Every spin increases the Luck Rate by one. The Roaring Gunfighter AUG gun skin has the fascinating attributes as below:

  • Damage: ++
  • Reload speed: +
  • Movement speed: –

Other than Roaring Gunfighter gun skin, it also offers other rewards like temporary gun skins, play cards, pet food, 50% EXP card, 50% Gold card, and so on. Players can check their luck rate just above the spin options in the Weapon Royale. 

How to get the legendary Roaring Gunfighter AUG skin in Weapon Royale?

To receive the Roaring Gunfighter AUG skin, follow the steps below:

Step 1: In the gaming lobby, go to the Luck Royale section, which is on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Enter the Weapon Royale zone and begin spinning.

Step 3: Continue spinning until you obtain this legendary weapon skin.

Once you have it, you will be told with “Congratulations” and it will be added to the Weaponry area of the game. Instead of diamonds, players can get this skin for free by using Weapon Royale vouchers.

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