Free Fire New Jaws Bandana Top up Event: Get free Sauce Skyboard and Jaws Bandana Mask

Several players look forward to the events in Free Fire since it provides in-game goodies such as gun skins, bundles, pets, and other items that help them expand their account collections. New events are offered on a regular basis, and by completing them, gamers can earn exclusive goodies.

The BTS top-up event has ended, and a new one called “Jaws Bandana Top-up” has been added to the game. This event includes two distinct prizes: a skyboard and a mask skin. Because of the wonderful appearance of both of these awards, players would be thrilled to complete this event. So, in this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the new Jaws Bandana top-up event.

Free Fire New Jaws Bandana Top-up Event

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Unlike other events, though, the top-up event does not require users to perform spins or complete missions to be awarded. They merely need to buy diamonds as normal, and the incentives offered during that specific period will be given to them for free.

This event offers the following prizes as follows:

  • Sauce Swagger Skyboard
  • Jaws Bandana Mask

The Sauce Swagger Skyboard may be purchased for 100 diamonds. It has a stunning lightning texture, and the blue and golden color combination make it a one-of-a-kind skyboard. The Jaws Badana mask, on the other hand, costs 500 diamonds and comes in the same golden-blue color scheme, making it a unique mask. 

How to get a free Sauce Swagger skyboard and Bandana mask in Jaws Bandana to top up an event?

Step 1: In the in-game lobby, click on the event calendar on the right side.

Step-2: Move to the “Jaws Bandana top-up” area from the various running events.

Step 3: Select “top-up,” which will take you to the game’s top-up center. Choose a diamond pack and complete the payment process.

Step 4: Players can collect incentives from this top-up event section after successfully making the transaction.

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