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Free Fire new Parafal Incubator Royale: How to get Immortal Ragers Parafal gun skins?

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Free Fire Parafal Incubator Royale: Gold Royale, Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Incubator Royale are some of the different luck royal sections available in Free Fire. Free Fire continues to introduce new events with unique rewards. Weapon skins are available in the Weapon Royale, while bundle outfits are available in the Diamond and Gold Royales. On the other hand, the Incubator Royale offers both gun skins and bundle outfits alternatively.

In addition, a new Incubator Royale event has been added to the game, featuring four different gun skins, each with its own attributes. Players are ecstatic to receive those skins because it’s the first-ever Parafal gun Incubator. This post will help you with everything you need to know about the new Immortal Ragers Parafal Incubator Royale in Free Fire.

Free Fire Parafal Incubator Royale

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The Parsifal Incubator has been introduced to the game on 14 April, and players will be able to access this event for the next 42 days. Like the usual Incubator Royales, players have to make spins spending Diamonds to collect the required items- Evolution Stone and Immortal Ragers: Blueprint. 

Every single spin in Incubator Royale costs 40 Diamonds, whereas simultaneous 5 spins cost 180 diamonds. The 5 spin option increases the chances of getting rare items, per Garena. Along with the Blueprint and Evolution stones, the Incubator wheel features other rewards as follows:

  • Demolitionist Weapon Loot crate
  • Bonfire
  • Pet food
  • Lucky pants crate
  • Pink Devil weapon Loot Crate
  • BOOYAH Loot Crate
  • Nairi Fragments
  • Lucky shirt Loot Crate
  • Shark Attack Weapon Loot Crate
  • Scrolls of Azure Badge

Parafal Incubator Immortal Ragers Gun Attributes

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Flames Undying

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Damage ++

Magazine –

Armor Penetration +

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Electron Undying

Rate of Fire +

Range ++

Reload Speed –

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Firespark Undying

Rate of Fire +

Magazine –

Accuracy ++

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Windrift Undying

Range +

Accuracy –

Armor penetration ++

 How to get Immortal Ragers Parafal Incubator gun skins?

Step-1: In the in-game lobby, go to the Luck Royale section on the left side.

Step-2: Go to the Incubator area and select a spinning option according to the number of Diamonds you have.

Step-3: Keep spinning until you’ve accumulated enough Evolution stones and Blueprints. After gathering the required items, players can exchange the appropriate things for the preferred gun skin.

The Parafal Incubator gun skins are mentioned below, along with the required items to exchange them.

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Flames Undying– 7 Evolution stones + 3 Blueprints

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Electron Undying– 5 Evolution stones + 2 Blueprints

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Firespark Undying– 4 Evolution stones + 2 Blueprints

Parafal Immortal Ragers- Windrift Undying– 3 Evolution stones + 1 Blueprints

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