Free Fire Spider’s Nest Incubator Royale returns: How to get the Golden Threat bundle?

Free Fire Spider Nest Incubator Royale: Because in-game cosmetics excite the interest of Free Fire players, new events are frequently added to the game. So while a new Spider’s Nest bundle has been returned to the Incubator section, after the recently added Parafal gun skin Incubator royale event.

The Spider nest bundles were first introduced in the game, but only a few players have been able to acquire them. There are six different bundle outfits in this Incubator, including male and female bundle outfits. The Golden Threat package is one of the most popular, and players are ecstatic to have it in their collection. Let’s delve into the details of the returned Spider Nest Incubator Royale event in Free Fire.

Free Fire Spider Nest Incubator Royale Return event details

The Spider Nest incubator has been introduced on April 16th, and players can spin in this event until April 22nd. Every single spin, like the other Incubator royales, costs 40 diamonds, while successive 5 spins cost 180 diamonds. These are entirely luck-based events, and players must have a high luck rate to obtain this bundle in fewer spins.

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To obtain any of the six Incubator royale bundle outfits, players must first acquire Evolution stones and Spider Nest Blueprints, which can then be exchanged for great prizes. The following rewards can be found on the Incubator wheel:

  • Black Widow Suit- Blueprint
  • Evolution stone
  • Private Eye weapon Loot crate
  • Lucky pants crate
  • Titanium weapon Loot Crate
  • Skyline Loot Crate
  • Lucky shirt Loot Crate
  • Bumblebee Loot Crate

 How to get the Golden Threat bundle in Spider Nest Incubator Royale?

The Evolution stone and Blueprint are rare and difficult to obtain in the first spin. Aside from these, it also includes badges, pet food, fragments, and other items.

On 22 April, Free Fire may offer a 30% or 50% discount on this incubator, so players who want this bundle but don’t have enough diamonds can wait a little longer. The following are the grand rewards of the Spider Nest incubator, as well as the items required to access them:

  • Golden Threat Bundle    – 3 Blueprints + 7 Evolution stone 
  • Golden Fang Bundle      – 3 Blueprints + 7 Evolution stone 
  • Violet Threat Bundle      – 2 Blueprints + 5 Evolution stone 
  • Violet Goodness Bundle – 2 Blueprints + 5 Evolution stone 
  • Silver Threat Bundle       – 1 Blueprint + 3 Evolution stone 
  • Silver Goodness Bundle  – 1 Blueprint + 3 Evolution stone 

In Incubator Royale, players should keep spinning until they have a sufficient amount of Evolution stones and Spider Nest Blueprints. The bundles can be redeemed in this royale’s “Exchange” section.

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