Riot officially confirmed the next Episode 4 Act 3 Initiator Agent: Release date, abilities, and more

Riot confirmed the next Initiator Agent “Fade”: Following much conjecture and rumors, Riot Games have finally confirmed the debut of Fade, the Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 next agent. Valorant enthusiasts have found solace in the confirmation of the new agent, as it has been a long time since the game has seen the introduction of a new agent.

The official Twitter account of VAlorant India and South Asia posted an update in support of the launching of the new Agent “Fade.” However, they indicated that the first glimpse will be presented during the Masters Reykjavik Grand Final event on April 24. The official Valorant account, on the other hand, shared the “Fade” first look recently. Let’s go through some more information regarding the Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 new Agent “Fade” that has been revealed so far.

Riot officially confirmed the Valorant next Episode 4 Act 3 Initiator Agent “Fade”

According to the latest information, Fade will be an initiator agent with a Turkish background. VALORANT introduced its next agent, Fade in Valorant Episode 4 Act 3, in the latest statement from Riot Games, previewing a gameplay clip and cinematic to be released next week. The game already has four Initiator agents, and a new one will bring the total to five. Riot Games has placed a few story clues throughout a few previous teasers that give us some insight about Fade.

Valorant next Episode 4 Act 3 Initiator agent Fade release date

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New agents are introduced to the game with the updates. It will be introduced with Episode 4 Act 3, which is expected to go live on April 26.

Fade abilities

Although Fade’s ability has not been made public, it is clear that she will be able to significantly impede certain agents. Several data miners have leaked the abilities as follows:

Prowler (C) – Summons a monster that moves in a straight path, revealing opponents or tracks. This creature, like Phoenix and Jett, may be controlled by holding down the left mouse button. When the creature finds an enemy, it takes 0.5 seconds to cook and then closes its eyes for 3 seconds.

Seize (Q) – Equips an orb that can be thrown to trap foes within a 7-meter radius. This may function similarly to Astra’s gravity well, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Haunt (E) – Fade casts a throwable ball that transforms into an eye, revealing enemies in its path and applying a debuff for 12 seconds. Conversely, this, like Reyna’s ability, can be eliminated.

Nightfall (X) – Fade blasted a dark mist that rendered foes deaf and decaying for 12 seconds. This also leaves a trail on adversaries, allowing comrades to track them down.

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