Free Fire Best Sensitivity Setting for drag headshots and fast gameplay

Free Fire best sensitivity setting: Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games, with players from all around the world actively engaging. Free Fire, like the other BR games, allows users to choose their own settings. Sensitivity, Controls Custom HUD, display, and a variety of other settings are available in the game.

Players’ gameplay in Free Fire is heavily influenced by the settings, specifically the sensitivity setting. Every configuration option has a specific function and changing it impacts the game movement and drag speed. As a result, this post will assist you in determining the best sensitivity setting in Free Fire in order to improve drag headshots and perform fast gameplay.

Sensitivity setting in Free Fire

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General: The rate of display rotation, which is used to aim in any specific direction or to be precise with the scope is controlled by the general sensitivity.

Red dot: While firing at any target, the red dot sensitivity determines the pace the scope rotates which is indicated by a dot at the center.

2X Scope: It determines the rate of 2X scope movement while scope-in

4X scope: It determines the pace of 4X scope movement while scope-in. 

Sniper scope: The movement of the scope while scope-in in snipers is determined by sniper scope sensitivity.

Free Look: The Free Look sensitivity only determines the pace of screen rotation while sprinting or landing. 

Free Fire Best Sensitivity Setting

The sensitivity setting majorly depends on the device. Several Free Fire players play on low-end devices and they may face lag issues on high sensitivity. So we’ll discuss the best sensitivity setting for both low-end as well as high-end devices.

For low-end devices

  • General- 70-80
  • Red dot- 85
  • 2X Scope- 70
  • 4X scope- 80
  • Sniper scope- 65
  • Free Look- 50

For high-end devices

  • General- 90-95
  • Red dot- 90
  • 2X Scope- 80
  • 4X scope- 90
  • Sniper scope- 80
  • Free Look- 60

The above is the Free Fire best sensitivity setting which players can employ for better drag headshots. General sensitivity is an important aspect while performing fast gameplay, players must adjust it accurately between the given units, according to their devices. 

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