4 Best and Easiest Ways to Get Fast XP: How to Level Up Quickly in Minecraft in 2022?

Best ways to get fast XP in Minecraft: XP is extremely important in Minecraft, are earned by collecting luminous experience green orbs. It is anticipated by gamers since it can be used to enchant and repair items, as well as improve weaponry.

XP is utilized to level up, which makes the character more powerful at every level.  XP is dumped on the ground whenever players complete specified activities in Minecraft, such as extracting ores or defeating creatures. Aside from that, there are a number of other ways for players to gain more XP. This post will show you the best and easiest ways to get fast XP and level up in Minecraft in 2022.

4 Best and easiest ways to get fast XP


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The first best and easiest way to get fast XP in Minecraft 2022 is Mining. Players must mine throughout the night in the safety of their shelter in order to gain mining points. Coal, diamonds, and other ores can be mined by players. The mine blocks can provide XP orbs to players, and the amount of XP orbs varies per element. Furthermore, depending on the material, ores may drop XP orbs or blocks.


Smelting in Minecraft is the process of heating specific ores or foods in a furnace. While players pull out the final product from smelting or cooking materials in a furnace, players might receive Minecraft XP. The second best and easiest way to get fast XP in Minecraft as of 2022.  It’s worth noting that if you utilize a feeder to get the things for you, you won’t get any XP orbs. If you’re smelting a huge number of goods, such as stacks of ores or boxes full of cobble can help players to get fast XP.

Breeding Animals

 It is the simplest and most cost-effective method of obtaining XP, as well as a little quantity of food and then the same kinds of animals. Players can earn a lot of XP by breeding animals. It is the third-best and easiest way to get fast XP in Minecraft 2022. They can breed livestock such as cows, sheep, pigs, and more such animals accessible in the game. You can gain XP as you breed further.

Killing mobs

Players can earn a lot of XP by killing mobs. This is particularly true while dealing with aggressive mobs such as skeletons, zombies, and the Ender Dragon. They can get up to 25 XP on every kill. Whenever a player kills a boss mob, they gain extra XP. It is last but not the least, the best and easiest way to get fast XP in Minecraft 2022.

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