Free Fire 4 Best Short-range Guns in 2022 You Must Be Aware of

Free Fire best short-range guns 2022: Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game all around the world. There are many different guns to pick from in the game, and new guns are frequently added following every OB update. On the battlefield, players can carry two weapons and a melee weapon. 

The guns, based on their range of damage are divided into two categories- Short-range and long-range guns.AR Rifles and snipers are among the long-range weapons, while SMGs and shotguns are among the short-range weapons. Both types of guns can be used in combination for effective gameplay. This article will list the 4 best short-range guns as of 2022.

Free Fire 5 best short-range guns in 2022


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This gun is extremely accurate, and if the aim is on the head, it may deliver up to three headshots in a fraction of a second. It has a range of 24 meters, making it suitable for mid-range combat. Muzzle and Foregrip accessories can be added to improve the game’s functionality. Due to its high fire rate and precision, it is the top best short-range gun in Free Fire as of 2022.


The MP40 is a sub-machine gun that appears frequently on the battleground. It does moderate damage, fires at the fastest rate, and has a significant recoil. It’s fairly frequent in homes and pretty much everywhere else.

It may be utilized efficiently at close range due to its fast rate of firing. It is the second-best short-range gun in FGree Fire as of 2022. However, the magazine’s small size must be taken into account. The MP40 has the lowest accuracy of any SMG in the game, owing to the fact that this is a historical anomaly.


M1887 is one of the most often used guns at the moment, and it is Free Fire’s third-best short-range gun in 2022. The SG bullet is used in the M1887 shotgun. In comparison to SMGs, the weapon has a high damage output but a slow fire rate. The gun has the longest range among short-range shotguns, yet it reloads quickly. The upcoming update will add an upgraded version of M1887 with the name “M1887-x”.


The UMP has a faster rate of fire and does more penetration than MP5, but the recoil prohibits it from being utilized effectively in long-range battles.

It plays well in close quarters, able to take down and kill a player with ease, tearing apart their HP with its incredible fire rate. Last but not least UMP is the best short-range gun of Free Fire as of 2022. Because it includes an in-built scope option, players can also employ UMP for mid-range fighting.

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