Free Fire New Aquablaze Wrath Moco store event: How to get vector skin and shadow bundle?

Free Fire Aquablaze Wrath Moco store event: New events, such as Luck Royale and Web events, are readily accessible in Free Fire. The majority of the events have been added to the Luck Royale section, which includes Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, Gold Royale, and many other options. New parts are constantly being added to the section, such as Incubator Royale, Moco Store, and so on.

Meanwhile, a new Moco store event called “Aquablaze Wrath Moco store” has been added to the game. It includes exciting big prizes, such as bundle costumes and gun skins, as well as awards. This article will provide you with all of the information you require on the new Moco Store Aquablaze Wrath event in Free Fire.

Free Fire New Aquablaze Wrath Moco store event

On April 22, the new Aquablaze Moco store event was released in the game, and it will be available for a short period until April 28. Within this period, players can choose their chosen rewards and spins in this event. Players can pick their desired rewards from six different grand prizes as well as six bonus prizes. The prizes are as follows:

Grand Prizes

  • Aquablaze Wrath vector skin
  • AK- Flaming red
  • SCAR- Water Elemental
  • The Shadow red bundle
  • The Frosted blue bundle
  • The Purple Void bundle

Bonus Prizes

  • AUG- Mr. Nutcracker
  • SVD- The Falconer
  • Kord-  Merciless Necromancer
  • Name change card
  • The Warrior spirit backpack
  • Moon Flip emote

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In the Free Fire Aquablaze Wrath Moco store event, players must first select one grand prize and one bonus prize from the rewards pool’s 12 different selections. The chosen rewards will be included in the rotating draw, along with four additional normal prizes. The normal rewards include Winterlands Weapon loot crate, weapon royale voucher, cube fragment, and M4A1- Wild carnival weapon loot crate. 

Players can then make spins at the Moco store after selecting their desired rewards. The initial spin costs 9 diamonds, while the following spins cost 19, 49, 99, 199, and 499 diamonds, respectively. Because it is a luck-based Royale, players can win the grand prize for as little as 9 diamonds if they are lucky. The incentives you’ve got will be frozen, and you won’t be able to get them again.

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