Twitter is working on the ability to update the status on the platform

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Yukesh Prabhu
Yukesh Prabhu
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If there’s is something unvarying and invariable other than a rock on a Looming mountain is probably Twitter, ever since it was launched to the realm of social media platforms, it has remained largely the same and hardly approaches a new change.

Howbeit, the platform has seen thunderous features the previous year, from the Twitter space where we can share our ideas with other people to the place for Twitter professionals and also found the Benchmark by introducing these cool updates.

Whilst others updates are mainly nimble on the same ship; some are promptly rolled back to where it was before.

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Merely one month back now, popular tech insider Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted about Twitter Vibes; since then, he persistently insists Twitter roll out Twitter Vibes with a post every two weeks.

Eventually, today he posted that Twitter is working on the development of “Twitter Status” it might be the replica of something we have been seeing since our childhood days, the Facebook “Feeling/Activity/Sticker option, but Twitter would bring up new changes to the features if it is going to play a game in the platform.

As of now, there has not been any official confirmation from the Larry T Bird nest. We could see some options from the image shared by the tipster such as “Eating Yummy Ramen” while some regions don’t have a place to eat “Ramen”, “Driving Highway” who will be the person put status while driving in a car on the highway, “Shopping Grocery” this one seems to be the thing, “Lurking Twitter” we could do this all day long “Studying for the final exam” nowadays generation kids spends a lot of time in the ocean of social media.

We can also update what songs we were listening to in the status bar of Twitter only if that feature is rolled out to all the users globally. The tipster also shared a screenshot of what an edited tweet will look like in the mobile version of Twitter; we can easily dig out the edited tweet. An indicator lies exactly at the bottom of the tweet where it says the tweet has been edited and published.

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