CODM upcoming season 4 titled “Wild Dogs”: Battle pass, release date, weapons, and more

CODM season 4 Wild Dogs: The next season is just a few weeks away from premiering, and officials have been teasing fans with specifics. The CODM Season 4 Wild Dogs update brings a number of new features, including new maps, events, adjustments to the battle royale arena, and new weapon skins. In addition to other items, gamers will be able to grab a new streamlined sniper rifle on the battlefield.

Season 4 will also be set in the desert, according to the pictures released. Officials from Call of Duty have published a blog detailing the season 4 WILD DOGS battle pass perks, new maps, and more. Let’s go over the big changes that players will see in Season 4 of Wild Dogs.

CODM season 4: Wild Dogs new maps


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The satellite was released at the same time as Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War as a debut map. It takes place in the Central African Desert of Angola, where a top-secret American caused the KH-9 satellite to crash. Battle from a variety of viewpoints across the battlefield, as well as in the trenches surrounding the central satellite. When crossing the tunnels, players should keep their eyes out for snipers taking up positions in the sand dunes.

Khandor Hideout

Khandor Hideout, an urban settlement with a central lab set in the desert that first appeared in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. With several internal locations, this is a battle for dominance, with the victorious taking precedence over adversary activity in the streets below. Even yet, with so many sightlines around the garage, signal tower, market area, and lab, the potential of being dethroned in an instant is always present. 

CODM season 4: Wild Dogs new sniper- Koshka

In Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, the new Koshka sniper rifle from the Black Ops series will be released. It’s an intense sniper rifle that can take out targets above the torso with ease.

CODM Wild Dogs Battle Pass

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Tier 14 is where you’ll find the Contact Grenade. Unlock the new Koshka functional weapon at Tier 21, a strong bolt-action sniper rifle that can be molded into a high-speed, mobile config, a highly steady and devastating kit, and everything else in between, thanks to Gunsmith. A selection of camos from the seasonally-themed Green Rust and Sand Tracks camo series are also available as freebies.

Premium Pass Tiers in CODM Wild Dogs Battle Pass

Players should make purchases in order to have access to all of the material in the Wild Dogs stream, featuring tough Operators like Farah — Desert Sentinel, Ghost — Apparition, Roze — Sand Dune, and Roach, who makes a comeback appearance. Employ new Weapon Blueprints including the AS VAL — Heat Shield, Swordfish — Arid Shroud, QXR — Sandpike, and Koshka — Skiff Shot, which is all extremely styled.

What is the release date for Season 4 Wild Dogs Battle pass? 

The CODM Season 4 is scheduled to be released on April 27 at 7 pm CT or April 28 at 5:30 am IST.

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