CEO of SpaceX and billionaire Elon Musk has a greener version of Earth yet to be unblemished in his thoughts for years from now, but still, it has to be demonstrated competently. It seems that Elon Musk has bored with busy transportation. With the Boring Company, Elon markedly pulled out the pattern with projects like Vegas Loop.

The billionaire with billion dreams has claimed that a Hyperloop project will arrive as a tunneling startup in the forthcoming years. Musk also mentioned that a new era of transportation could be seen as a great mode of traveling across cities, and it will help avoid irksome traffic signals clutter.

With the advent of modern transportation, we could make a normal journey even in times of natural disasters like tsunamis or hurricanes. It has been named Hyperloop/tunnel transportation.

Musk has been attempting to find a partial way to attain a futuristic society in the near past but in the future with robust ideas. However, it wouldn’t become something until it has been proven with a maximum frequency by the billionaire himself, as he showcased with his companies Tesla and SpaceX.  The whole scenario takes place from a reply from a user named Johnna Crider, “A tunnel/transportation loop from Baton Rouge to New Orleans would be awesome.”

Promptly as like before, Elon responded and said that his Boring Company, yet subtle firm, would take up the chance of building the unimaginable working hyperloop. Musk has harnessed the social media platforms and further explained the project. Instead of making it to the media publication, he just rounded off every appointment on Twitter.

From a known standpoint of physics, the Hyperloop/tunnel is the fastest way of transportation. But starship is faster for longer journeys. The Boring Company summed up to $675 million with its Series C round last week, doing its valuation up to $5.7 billion overall, considering all its acquisitions.

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