Valorant 24 April trailer teases the release date, a few abilities, and more details of agent FADE

Valorant 24 April trailer of the new Agent Fade: According to a recent Riot Games statement, the trailer for the next Episode 4 Act 3 agent- FADE was to be published before the start of the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavik Grand Final on April 24. As a result, players finally got to witness FADE in its entirety in the teaser that debuted just before the VCT 2022 finals began.

Several glimpses of Fade tormenting fellow agents have already been released on media platforms by data miners in the previous week, giving fans a sneak peek at the Agent FADE. The teaser, on the other hand, teased players with a slew of new information about the new agent. Let’s take a look at the Valorant trailer for April 24, which shows a couple of Agent Fade abilities.

Valorant 24 April trailer reveals new Agent Fade abilities

The key emphasis of this new video is on showcasing the concerns of other agents. Neon’s biggest strength, for example, is her quickness and mobility. Fade, on the other hand, indicates that she is afraid of being halted. This agent was inspired by Camille from League of Legends in order to build a challenger to Sova, as per the devs. Aside from either of these details, the agent is said to be from Turkey, which was obvious because Istanbul was portrayed in the most recent film.

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Enthusiasts get their first official glimpse at a few of Fade’s abilities, which seem to envelop players in a murky smoke. It is most probably the same impact as walking into Brimstone’s headquarters in the Firing Range. In addition, Fade summons a shadow entity that glides over the other agents. The skill will most likely work in the same way as Skye’s dog. The trailer also depicts the same task discussed in Cypher’s headquarters in the voice clip at the shooting club, where various agents battled to arrest Fade.

Release date for Episode 4 Act 3 agent Fade

Because Act 2 didn’t bring any new agents to the game, Episode 4 Act 3 will most likely introduce the Fade. As a result, the release date for Agent Fade is set for April 26.

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