Fortnite new killable Klombo: Since its initial release, Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale videogame, has undergone numerous changes. The reappearance of Kolombos in Fortnite has been hinted at by recent leaks circulating in the Fortnite community. Klombos are in-game dinosaur-like monsters that are recognized as one of Fortnite’s most powerful beasts.

The Klombos originally appeared in Chapter 3 of Season 1 of Fortnite, and they haven’t been seen in Season 2 of the game. It is, however, rumored to be making a comeback with nothing more than a pleasant surprise. Let’s take a look over the new killable Klombo leaks provided by well-known data miners of Fortnite.

Fortnite leaks signify the return of killable Klombo

With the Klombo probably returning, that appears to change in the new season, however, Epic Games appears to have fresh intentions against them this time through. According to recent leaks from data miners’ efforts, Klombos will indeed be killable even when they’re reintroduced to the game. The players might be able to acquire a special form of meat and various types of weaponry by killing them.

Epic Games is contemplating major modifications to Klombos, as per HYPEX, the renowned Fortnite data miner. Several speculations concerning Klombos reappearance have surfaced, and it looks like they were correct. Klomberries have also later returned to the game, possibly confirming Klombo’s return. Epic Games is expected to make further changes to Klombos in the near future.

Epic is working on making Klombos killable, as of now they’re working on making them drop a special version of meat and 15 other pieces of loot including ammo, mats, consumables, and possibly weapons, – HYPEX teased about the new killable Klombo in Fortnite.

Because of its massive health capacity, Klombo was originally immortal and unbeatable. In the face of this strong dinosaur, players were defenseless and had no choice but to concede defeat right away. However now, Klombo’s return will be woven. Klombo, will soon be killable and may be defeated with only a small amount of damage dealt.

Meanwhile, the release of this new upgraded version of killable Klombo is not unveiled yet. However, it is expected to be introduced in Chapter 4 Season 3. 

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