Free Fire Top 4 Most Popular and Rarest Bundles as of 2022 That You Might Be Aware of

Free Fire rarest bundles in 2022: Bundle outfits are one of the most intriguing aspects of the game, and most Free Fire players look forward to acquiring them. Bundles are regularly added to the game, and players can obtain them through Luck Royale, web events, the Elite pass, the in-game store, and other means.

However, a few bundles that were released in the game during the early seasons are only available to a limited group of veteran players. Due to the fact that the bundles have not returned to the game, they are now among the rarest and most popular bundles. In this article, we’ll go through the top 4 most popular and rare Free Fire bundles.

Free Fire’s top 4 most popular and rarest bundles in 2022

Bunny Warrior Bundle

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The grand prize in the “Draw a Bunny” event was a Bunny warrior bundle. This event was first introduced in the game approximately two years ago, and it has yet to reappear. Despite the fact that it was a free-to-earn bundle, only a select few players were able to unlock it. The Bunny’s head is still used by some well-known Free Fire players, notably Raistar, making it one of the most popular and rare bundles as of 2022.

Red Criminal Bundle

In the Free Fire community, all of the criminal bundles have a large following. In one of the initial Incubator Royales, named “Top Criminal Royale,” a total of four criminal bundles were offered. Yellow, blue, purple, and red criminal bundles were available in this incubator, and players could unlock them by swapping Blueprints and Evolution stones. Only a few people bought the Red criminal bundle, which cost 7 Evolution stones and Blueprints. In 2022, the Red Criminal is one of the most popular and rarest Free Fire bundles.

Season 1- Sakura Bundle

Because the EP awards are never returned, the early Elite Pass bundle and cosmetics are the rarest parts of the game. The Sakura bundle was available in the first-ever Elite pass, which was the Season 1 EP. Even in 2022, it is the most popular and rarest bundle in Free Fire, and the chances of it returning are slim. This Elite pass cost 600 diamonds, and as Free Fire had been launched at the time, players were unaware of its existence. This bundle is only owned by a few older players, and the Sakura mask is generally worn. 

Season 2- Hip-Hop bundle

The Hip-hop bundle has its own fan base and is Free Fire’s most popular bundle. The season 2 Elite Pass contained this combo. Although every spin cost 2500 diamonds, the Elite pass bundles were added to the Ultimate Recruit event, offering the rarest bundles, just a few players expressed interest in this reward. Several veteran players wear the Hip-hop bundle cap and shirt. Last but not least, it is one of the rarest Free Fire bundles in 2022.

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