Fortnite 20,000 XP Challenge: How to throw a cabbage 100 meters or more in one toss?

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Fortnite throws a cabbage 100-meter challenge: Cabbage is a recovery resource in Fortnite that may be discovered in particular parts of the game. Consuming such vegetables helps the user with  HP regeneration, shield regeneration, increased agility, and a variety of additional benefits.

On weekly basis, new missions will be available in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and completing them will reward you with a significant XP bonus. Week 6 has a number of missions, and one of them is throwing cabbage 100 meters or more. Players are curious about the best approach to toss the cabbage to hit a 100-meter target. This post will explain to you how to throw a cabbage 100 meters or more and gain free 20,000 XP.

Where are the best places to get cabbage and throw it 100 meters in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, cabbage can be found in four different places on the battlefield. The locations are as follows:

  • At Happy Camper, just south of The Fortress
  • Southeast of The Fortress
  • Chateau Bob, just northwest of Condo Canyon
  • East of Condo Canyon

Cabbage could also be found in Vegetable Boxes, in addition to such cabbage areas. Those could be found all over the map, particularly in regions with a restaurant or refrigerators.

How to throw a cabbage 100 meters or more in Fortnite?

To finish this mission, you should start the game in ordinary build mode, as it will make things so much easier for everyone. After you’ve obtained the cabbage, start locating the map’s highest buildings. There still are assured places in Rocky Heels and The Fortress, however getting cabbages is the most vital component of the endeavor. The best way to complete this challenge is to create some elevation for you after finding a tall building on the map.

Usually, huge buildings will be insufficient for this assignment, but you could still begin creating on the peak of a building’s roof to gain sufficient elevation. This should minimize the overall amount of resources required and save you time, enabling players to return to play after the task is completed.

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