Season 13 R301 and Rampage in Crafting System: The ongoing season of Apex Legends was one of the hottest seasons ever & Respawn is hoping to take that enthusiasm in Saviors (Season 13), which debuts on May 10 this year. Data miners have already leaked several upcoming new additions to the game including the changes in the Storm point, new guns, and more.

Recently, Keith Jensen, a Senior Designer at Apex Legends published a blog post revealing the first map update of Storm Point which is expected to arrive in Apex Legends: Saviors season 13. In addition to the adjustments arriving at Storm Point in Season 13, Respawn’s Apex designers had also provided us a sneak peek at the R301 in crafting system in an image.

New weapons R301 and Rampage in Crafting System Apex Legends Saviors

Although the Crafting system for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors had not been publicly disclosed, an image in the Monstrous Storm blog post mistakenly revealed the addition of replicators. In Apex Legends, replicators are creating units that convert resources acquired on the battlefield into required loot.

The R301 and Rampage LMG are two new guns that will be added to the crafting system for Season 13, and hence will not be available from normal ground loot.

It’s not confirmed in the blog article, and it could have been included on purpose to troll data miners and is not included in the update.

However, there is a good likelihood that the new weaponry will be included in Replicator in the next season. Looking carefully at the image, it appears that both weapons would require 30 manufacturing materials to get the guns in the Replicators.

Despite the new weapons new IMC armories will be added to the Storm point. For years, the IMC Armories lay dormant underground on Storm Point. The IMC built these mechanized combat for additional capabilities before the war and buried them buried underground.

Originally designed to assist IMC Pilots in conflict, yet were never used lately. A seismic threat was discovered as the monster surfaced. The armories ignited and ascended to the surface in consequence.

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