Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop Event: How to Get a 90% Discount on Timbered Bundles?

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop event: Free Fire is probably more popular among gamers due to the frequency with which new events are added. Every day, developers make a new event, either in the Luck Royale section or through web events. The events are eagerly awaited by the gamers since they provide the opportunity to gain new cosmetics to add to their collection.

Meanwhile, a new Mystery store event based on the ongoing Ramadan celebration theme has been introduced to the game. The Mystery Shop event is Free Fire’s most anticipated event, and it returns every 2 to 3 months. So, let’s look at the new Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop event to get a 90% discount on available items.

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop event details

The mystery shop event was added to the game on May 3rd, and it will be available for a limited time only, ending on May 10th. During this event, players will be able to spin for a discount and unlock accessible products. The event does not guarantee a 90 percent discount; it is entirely down on the player’s luck, and they can receive a discount ranging from 50 to 90 percent.

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The Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop event offers two grand prizes: a male Timbered Bloom bundle and a female Timbered Blossoms bundle. They cannot, however, be purchased directly at a discounted price, unlike the other things in the shop. To enable the purchase of grand prizes, players must make a  purchase of a certain number of diamonds. The male bundle is priced at 1499 diamonds, while the female bundle is priced at 1199 diamonds.

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop event- Available items at a discounted price

In addition to the major prizes, the Mystery Shop offers modest items such as pet food, Luck Royale vouchers, and so on, as well as a profusion of marvelous items as follows:

  • Cyber Waggor- Pet skin
  • Auto Rickshaw skin
  • Haunting Night backpack
  • Timbered charmer beard mask
  • Ice Sensei Tig- Pet skin
  • Flame Draco- Pickup truck skin
  • Viking’s spirit backpack
  • Witch Broomstick Melee skin

How to get a 90% discount on Timbered bundles in Free Fire  Ramadan Mystery shop event?

As earlier mentioned, the event is a chance-based event, with players receiving a discount at random. However, it is claimed that the fewer diamonds you have in your account, the greater your chances of receiving a better discount. This Mystery shop, however, does not feature the Season 48 Elite pass that players were hoping for.

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