PUBG best guns in May 2022: PUBG Mobile was released in late 2017 and has remained a portable gaming mainstay for years.  It’s difficult to keep track of over 40 different weapons and innumerable accessories in PUBG. From modest handguns to assault rifles and melee weapons, there is a huge spectrum of weaponry accessible.

Every update includes a number of changes, including changes to existing weapons as well as new ones. Although evaluating the finest weapons or guns in the game is not an easy task, we must take into account a variety of characteristics such as fire rate, damage per bullet, accuracy, and so on. We’ll go through the PUBG best guns in May 2022 in this article.

PUBG Best guns in May 2022


The AKM is ideal for combination with something like sight and uses as a long-range assault rifle due to its considerable basic damage. When combined with a 6X scope, users have a viable sniper replacement. It is among the PUBG best guns in May 2022. The AKM is one of the better options to choose for short and intermediate engagements. Because of the heavy recoil and low fire rate, striking the shots with the AKM is crucial.


The M416 is a gun that distinguishes out just because of its versatility and low recoil. Even though its basic strike damage might appear to be modest, the M416 has a faster firing rate than the SCAR-L. Most notably, has the most attachment options of any AR, allowing for extensive customization. The M416 is an excellent all-around gun. M416 is one of the PUBG best guns in May 2022. The M416 is well-suited to semi-range combat, also with a 4X scope, it may also be used in long-range combat.


The convenience of functionality, light recoil, plus overall rapid shooting rate is the main advantages of utilizing this pistol. Aside from long-range combat, gamers can utilize this weapon to annihilate opponents in close or mid-range battles. Its consistency frequently compensates for its flaws. The M416 has 5 attachment slots, allowing players to customize it with scopes, magazines, stocks, and muzzles. It is in the third PUBG best guns in May 2022.


In Pubg Mobile, though, AWM is only obtainable from airdrops and not in residences or any other loot locations. Furthermore, the bullet has a distance of 500 meters, which means players can employ this AWM to hunt down distant foes. Combine this with an 8X scope and consider the bullet fall dynamics. Even with tier 2 armor, it really only takes two strikes to knock the opponents out. Last but not least, AWM is among the list of the PUBG best guns in May 2022. 

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