League of Legends’ upcoming Patch 12.10 caters to the player’s concerns that the pace of combat gameplay is too fast, and serves to slow down the pace with its latest Champion Durability Update. As part of this update, the survivability of the champion characters will be raised to give players a chance for more counterplay, and encourage longer and more fulfilling 5v5 team fights.

The update will boost the defensive stats of each champion by reducing the overall damage that these characters take in the game. By increasing their base health, health per level and magic resist per level, battles have the ability to last much longer.

League of Legends Patch 12.10 Will Buff Champion Durability

The developers of League of Legends, and Riot Games have previously championed high speed and intense combat, but it seems to be gotten a bit too far ahead. By holding the reins back in the new durability update, players will have an easier time in battle and be able to actually use the moves and counterattacks instead of watching the combat fly by.

Riot Games’ goal is to slow the tempo down because players have been complaining that it’s difficult to see what killed them, with the clarity of the game going too low and leading to a frustrating experience.

What are the Changes Coming to League of Legends Patch 12.10?

The update isn’t focused on any particular champions or items but aims to increase the survivability of them all and reduce the damage to health. This also takes into account the Baron and turret stats, and mana regeneration. To defeat an opponent in combat using the champions, players often need only a part of their kit to secure the kill. With lower survivability, it is difficult to use the skills of the champion when the game is so fast.

After the new update is installed, there will be no more kills within 15 minutes, as announced by Riot Games, and players will be able to use their skills in order to outplay an enemy. This will lead to bigger windows of opportunity for counterplay, and players will be able to feel the difference in battle, with the higher HP of their champions.

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