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Sneaker consumption culture is believed to be one of the largest retail segments in the world. 

Currently, the market’s worth is said to be billions of dollars globally with e-commerce sales and reselling taking up a large chunk of the pie. Why the large figure? The primary driver of this fast fashion trend is the continuous cycle of sneaker drops that have made sneaker purchasing an exciting event. 

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This is where sneaker proxies can come in handy if you’re a sneaker fan aware of how difficult it can be to acquire rare and popular shoes. They’re designed to mask your presence on sneaker sites so that you can make several purchases and divert the website’s policy of limiting your order. The service will work to your advantage once you understand more of the ways it can benefit you. 

As such, here are four reasons to use sneaker proxies in 2022. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Increase Your Chances Of Buying Success 

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Trying to buy limited-edition sneakers is a uniquely competitive e-commerce space. For each pair of shoes, there could be thousands of other interested buyers and merchants trying to get their hands on it at the same time. Add to this the number of people who try to get access from around the world aiming to cop as many pairs as they can. 

All this makes getting the pair or pairs of shoes you want challenging and going at it alone by chance could prove to have no luck. Thus, using the best sneaker proxies can increase your chances of purchasing the shoes you want with faster access to merchants when sneakers become available. They allow you to get ahead of the competition by giving you more chances to buy using multiple accounts if any of your previous attempts fail.   

For Speed Using Bots 

Bots are what make sneaker proxies the most valuable tool for you when trying to get your hands on a coveted pair of shoes. They increase your chances of getting ahead of the customer competition even further by automating your transactions. What this means is that they speed up the buying process by immediately checking out each item you place in your cart for you. 

What’s more, is that many private sneaker proxies now offer an integrated proxy and bot option where you can use both features. For that reason, the more proxies you sign up for, the more bots you can use in programs where they’re provided together. This is also ideal if you’re a sneaker fan looking to buy in bulk such as 50 pairs or more and start your own localized sneaker selling shop. 

To Hide Your IP Address

In order for you to create multiple accounts undetected on the most frequently used sneaker brand websites, you’ll need sneaker proxies to hide your internet protocol or IP address for security reasons. This is to prevent the sneaker website from tracking your accounts and identifying that they belong to one customer. If you tried this without a proxy it could lead to all your accounts being banned from accessing the website and you’ll no longer be permitted to buy their sneakers online. 

The sneaker proxies hide your IP address in the same way that a virtual private network (VPN) does. It connects you to the main server and acts as a go-between from your digital device to the sneaker website. Therefore, when the website identifies the IP address of your accounts, it won’t detect that they’re all coming from the same device. 

Additionally, sneaker proxies can also bypass geographical restrictions in case you’re in a territory outside of where the sneakers are permitted to be sold. This makes these proxies especially useful if you’re a sneakerhead who prefers to buy many pairs from anywhere in the world.   

To Create As Many Accounts As You Need 

To expand on the above point, getting the sneakers you want may require multiple tries if they’re selling out fast.

One way that sneaker brands and online shopping websites try and make buying more equitable is to only allow one account per customer. This is also to prevent affluent buyers from taking all the merchandise. It creates a virtual ‘line’ where your account waits in an invisible online queue to get access to the sneakers you want. 

This strategy has, however, only intensified competition as it only gave buyers one chance to nab what’s up for grabs. Thus, customers have since opted to get around this by creating multiple accounts on the website they purchase from. Doing this means you can try buying with one of your accounts by placing them all in line. 

As such if you manage to get one of your accounts closer to the front, you can add your chosen sneakers to your cart and check out with it.


Using sneaker proxies can help you get your hands on a pair of premium shoes before they’re sold out in seconds. These online tools provide you with more opportunities to buy using many accounts while masking your identity on sneaker sites. 

Some proxies come with a bot feature to automatically pay for your shoes as you order them. You can utilize all these services combined to get in front of the crowd to secure your buying position when sneaker shopping. 

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