An expert has revealed that Apple’s iOS Safari browser lacks WebXR support standards compared to its competitors, despite the introduction of its ARKit API.

In recent times, the American technology giant, Apple has been highly investing in augmented and virtual reality since the introduction of its ARKit API, despite the introduction, the company’s Safari lacks support for competing for WebXR standards.

According to the insider expert, the company “has been a drag on innovation in WebAR,” as Safari still lacks support for the WebXR API.

The expert further moaned about how difficult it is for the tech giant to provide AR and VR content to iPhone and iPad consumers via the web. Marketing companies, for example, have begun investing in more immersive AR campaigns to allow customers to engage with products in a real-world setting.

On iOS, however, these experiences necessitate users downloading an app, reducing the number of prospective customers. Safari is incompatible with the WebXR standard, which is a common API that allows websites to support augmented and virtual reality headsets.

While WebXR support was implemented to Google Chrome for Android in 2018, the feature has yet to be added to iOS. Because WebKit is the only web engine allowed on iOS, developers are unable to create a WebXR-compatible third-party web browser.

In the United States, failing to target iPhone users for a campaign risks missing out on the majority of smartphone users. There are various solutions for reaching iPhone users on the web, but they are more costly and ineffective than Apple’s ARKit. As a result, there is no motivation for the industry to generate AR content for the web.

Responding to whether Apple’s iOS can ever support WebXR, Maciej Stachowiak, head of WebKit, said in 2020 that Apple is passionate about WebXR.

There has been no news on the API since then, which has irritated many developers. Because Apple was so tardy in enabling new capabilities in their browser.

Auspiciously, the WebXR API is supported experimentally in the iOS 15.4 and iOS 15.5 betas. Apple’s roadmap, on the other hand, is still heavily guarded. Apple may finally allow the WebXR API in its mobile operating system this year or shortly as it develops its mixed reality device. Stay connected with Techgenyz for more updates.

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