Free Fire Shootersville event: Fans of Free Fire absolutely adore the in-game events, and the developers are constantly adding new ones. Gamers look forward to the events because they add new content to the game and significantly improve the game experience.

With only a few days until the start of the Free Fire World series, a slew of themed rewards have been added to the game via new events. As a result, a new mini-game event called Shootersville has been added to the game, where players can earn free FFWS-themed rewards by completing simple tasks. This article will provide you with all of the necessary information regarding the Free Fire Shootersville event.

Free Fire Shootersville event guide

On May 11, the Free Fire Shootersville event has been added to the game, and it will end on May 24. To be rewarded, players must participate in this event within this time frame. This mini-game is similar to traditional Monopoly, but it does not require any professional skills to play.

Every day at 4:00 a.m., the missions are refreshed, and dice can be used to roll in this event and earn points. Players will receive 10 dice for free at first, and they will have to complete game missions to earn additional spins. Initially, players will get 10 dice for free, and for further spins, they have to complete the game missions. The missions in the Free Fire Shootersville event are as follows:

  • Daily login- x5 Dice
  • Kill 3 enemies- x3 Dice
  • Kill 6 enemies- x5 Dice
  • Visit a Friend’s village- x2 Dice
  • Share your village with friends- x2 Dice

 How to get free FFWS Headgear and knife skin in the Free Fire Shootersville event?

The mini-game consists of a village with stepping blocks surrounding it. Participants need 1 Dice for each roll, and by rolling, they can move around the village board. On the board, there are 9 regular buildings and 3 special buildings scattered throughout the 16 blocks. With each step, you will receive village coins, which can be used to upgrade all 12 buildings while also increasing the number of coins available on subsequent rolls. The participants must upgrade all of the buildings to level 3, which will raise the village’s level. Players will receive rewards as their level rises. The following are the prizes for the Free Fire Shootersville event:

  • Level 2 village- Haven warrior knife skin, Pet food x5, and supply crates
  • Level 3 village- FFWS headgear, Weapon Royale voucher, and universal fragments

Participants can also earn extra Village coins by taking a trip to a friend’s village.

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