With the first teaser for Netflix’s much-awaited Resident Evil show being released, fans have been wondering if they’ll get a glimpse of the “most datable” character in the game, Lady Dimitrescu. As both the movie and the game are set in the same timeline, there’s a chance of characters overlapping, such as the villain Albert Wesker, whose appearance has already been confirmed. 

While the show is not a direct adaptation to any of the games of Resident Evil, there might be events that overlap, and that’s what fans are hoping for. As the showrunner Andrew Dabb and his team have claimed, “Village is part of our lore. If we wanted to now put a giant vampire woman in Season 2, we can.”

TV Adaptation of Lady Dimitrescu:  “I don’t want to wedge characters in that don’t fit organically,” says Showrunner Dabb

However, Dabb and his team aren’t into the idea of chasing down trends just to momentarily appease the fans. “What I don’t want to do is chase a trend because the production cycles on these things are so long–if this show is successful, as we know from every other streaming show in existence, we are probably 18 months at best away from getting a Season 2. 18 months from now, I could be sitting here like, we’ve gotta find a tall person to play this vampire lady, let’s do this, and we could be on set shooting and then I look on Twitter and see, oh they just released a new Village expansion and the best character is someone else, and we hate the tall vampire lady now.”

While the internet might love Lady Dimitrescu right now, Dabb seems to believe it is a passing phase, and eventually, there might come a time where another character overpowers them, and then all the effort they’d have put into getting an actor to play the tall domineering vampire would be pretty useless. However, the appearance isn’t off the table, perhaps in the second season where there will be more space to play around with the characters and see what works best. The show premieres on Netflix on 14th July.

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