The newest update of Clash of Clans has been the biggest one in a while now, and players have been busy with all the fresh content of Clan Capital, Raid Weekends, and much more. Along with biweekly events which dole out lots of prizes, there is more in store for players, as they can now trade in their Raid Medals for items.

Raid Medals can be obtained from participating and winning in the Raid Weekends—which as the name says, takes place every weekend. Players will need to be part of a clan for this, so it’s a good idea to find a permanent one if they haven’t already.

Supercell Announces Exchange for Raid Medals at the Trader in Clash of Clans

Supercell has recently announced on their Twitter that players can now exchange their hard-earned Raid Medals at the Trader, which refreshes every Tuesday instead of daily. There will be more items for the players to purchase with Gems, but now there is another option for the currency the players can use.

The Trader now has two sections, namely Gems and Raid Medals, which have different items. Players will be able to see the number of Raid Medals they currently have in their inventory on the bottom left corner of the screen. 

What can you get with Raid Medals at the Trader in Clash of Clans?

Players can save up Raid Medals from the battles of Raid Weekends and use them in the Trader shop, which are called Weekly Deals. These are the items that are available this week for Raid Medals as well as their prices:


2.5 million Gold — 300 Raid Medals

2.5 million Elixir — 300 Raid Medals

25 thousand Dark Elixir — 300 Raid Medals

1 million Builder Gold — 250 Raid Medals

1 million Builder Elixir — 250 Raid Medals


Training Potion — 100 Raid Medals

Clock Tower Potion — 100 Raid Medals

Power Potion — 150 Raid Medals

Hero Potion — 150 Raid Medals

Resource Potion — 200 Raid Medals

Research Potion — 200 Raid Medals

Wall Upgrades

5 Wall Rings — 300 Raid Medals

It is worth noting that the Potions are limited in quantity as players can buy up to three of them. As it is a Weekly Deal, these items will refresh every week, so make sure to get the ones that you need before it’s gone!

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