Mojang announced the Minecraft 1.19 pre-release 1 update after many snapshot releases and previewed a couple of the upcoming features in a devs stream on Thursday. It is currently available for testing, and it introduces a set of bug fixes, tweaks, and technological enhancements for gamers to try out. Over the years, Mojang Studios has indeed been constantly working on The Wild Update alongside the Minecraft community, and now swiftly closing its formal launch to all players. The Wild update would be the upcoming major update for Minecraft, and it adds a slew of new features including unique lighting settings, new timber, frogspawn, as well as several new biomes.

Major changes in the Minecraft 1.19 pre-release 1

Several new features were included in the snapshot version of the game, including the biomes Deep Dark and Mangroove woods, as well as new species such as frogs, tadpoles, Warden, and others. Furthermore, according to a blog post on the Minecraft website, the following modifications have been made:

  • Mangrove tree numbers in Mangrove Swamps have been reduced somewhat.
  • In the Nether, Endermen, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Piglins now appear in a broader range of light levels (from light level 0 – 11)
  • Whenever gamers start or stop using an item with a start and end state, item interaction vibrations
  • are now transmitted (like Bows, Crossbows, Goat Horns, Shields, and Food)
  • While creeping, item interaction sensations are now suppressed.
  • Mounting non-armor items in your headgear slot (like Pumpkins and Skulls) now makes a generic load effect.

Major bugs fixes

  • Sound does not play while wearing armor/elytra from the inventory or dispenser.
  • The maximum length of a writeString is in bytes, whereas readString is in characters.
  • When trying to enter the Minecraft Realms menu, the client says it’s out of date, even if the snapshot is fresher than the release.
  • Sculk sensors are not engaged when entities are dispatched by a spawner.
  • Using the inventory to deploy armor does not count as a vibration.
  • Wardens may respawn on any substantial non-full block. 

How to install and download the Minecraft 1.19 pre-release 1?

Minecraft 1.19 pre-release 1 is available for download through the official game launcher for those who have already bought the game. Players have to open the Minecraft Launcher, and below the ‘Latest Snapshot’ section, they can find the “1.19 pre1” option. Click on the Play icon there and the launcher will begin to download the required files to run Minecraft 1.19 pre-release 1. After the files are successfully installed, you can run and experience this pre-release version.

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