New COD Warzone 2 reports have surfaced, with trustworthy source Tom Henderson stating that game will feature the inclusion of an Interrogation feature similar to the one present in Rainbow Six Siege. According to the reports, players would be able to interrogate knocked-down adversaries to determine the position of their allies. In addition to this, the report includes a list of information that covers a number of previously unknown gameplay aspects. It confirms numerous other elements mentioned by NerosCinema in his films, such as Pro perks, armor vests, and the bag system.

COD Warzone 2 Interrogation feature

COD Warzone 2 will include an interrogation feature that all gamers will have access to, despite having yet to be acknowledged publicly. The interrogation feature is comparable to the interrogating tool in Rainbow Six Siege, wherein players may interrogate fallen foes to learn where their comrades are. When the player approaches a downed enemy, the “Interrogate” dialogue box, and the player does an execution-style movement to shoot the enemy. When a player is eliminated, the position of their allies is displayed on the map.

According to the report, the interrogation function appears to be in its development phases, with the present animation resembling a Stim Shot motion in which the player is injected.  Presently, the entire animation and procedure take approximately six seconds.

Pro Perks

Pro Perks are a superior version of conventional perks that are arriving at Warzone 2, and they might be relevant for certain previous Call of Duty players.

In his report, Henderson stated, “Pro Perks are obtained through raiding Strongholds, and while certain Pro Perks were assigned to pre-determined classes throughout recent Warzone 2 playtests, it’s unclear whether or not Pro Perks will be able to be utilized on your Loadout, since you may need to loot and use them to get an advantage.”

Armor vests and Bag system in Warzone 2

Armor vests as stated momentarily in NerosCinema’s recent video seems to be a combination of both Blackout and Warzone’s armor systems. To mount armor plates, gamers would need to locate a graded armor vest. Armor vests might get categorized into three tiers, each of which allows players to wear one extra armor plate.

The bags will basically resemble the Escape from Tarkov in that players may add bullets, weapon loadout, and guns to their backpacks. Individuals can have extra storage space with several bag layers. Players can put a variety of materials in their bags based on the level of the bag, just as in other Battle Royale games.

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