With the release of Season 3 and the patch 0.9.32 update for May 2022, Krafton has added a slew of new content to PUBG New State Mobile. New state Mobile has dynamic components and skyscrapers, as well as the option to swap between first and third-person perspectives. Season 2 has ended, and fans have been eagerly anticipating Season 3. With the start of Season 3, the game’s newest Round Deathmatch map, Underbridge, has entered the game.

In addition to the changes and additions, the developers concentrated on the significant difficulties that players had, which have now been addressed in the latest version. New State has already released a dedicated video and a blog post detailing the significant changes on their own Youtube channel.

New State Mobile update 0.9.32 major patch notes for Season 3

New RDM mode: Underbridge

  • 4v4 battle with a depleted blue zone is featured in Underbridge.
  • Individuals can use SRs and DMRs to the heart’s content in mid or long-range fights.
  • Watchtowers could be used to find the opponent, permitting tactical plans to be implemented.
  • In order to cross frontlines, players must first pass through the puddle in the middle.
  • Players will be provided with a Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Poison Grenade, and Stun Grenade.

New weapon: M110A1

The M110A1 is a modern DMR that fires 7.62mm ammunition. It has the quickest bullet velocity of any gun that uses 7.62mm bullets, and it has outstanding penetration and consistent recoil. The scope, magazine, muzzle, and cheek pad holes of the M110A1 may be used to mount various accessories.

Carry action feature

The game has now a new Carry feature, similar to PUBG Mobile.  You can carry knocked-out players and move about with the Carry button pressed, even friends and foes can be pursued. Whenever carrying anybody, you cannot fire over-the-shoulder and ADS, while standing fire is the only option. While carrying someone, you cannot utilize healing or throwable items. Several activities, such as squatting, going prone, rolling, and so on, are not permitted while carrying.

Clan feature

Clan Point: Clan points on the relevant server will be awarded to players that play the game during the season. By cooperating with other clan members, you may gain extra clan points.

Clan Level: Clan XP is earned by accumulating Clan Points. Once your Clan XP hits a particular threshold, you can raise your Clan Level.

Ranking: Clan Ranks will be computed for each server separately. Clan Rank is determined by the number of Clan Points earned. All clan members in the Top 100 will be awarded at the end of the season.

Aside from the major modifications mentioned above, there are several more changes, such as Weekly missions, weapon tweaks, and more. The official New State website has a detailed list of patch notes.

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