Free Fire new Faded wheel event for XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin: Free Fire has a lot of different stuff in it, which makes it a unique and popular game that is played all over the world. The gun skins in the game have special attributes that provide the player an advantage on the battlefield. Also, gamers look forward to earning them and flaunting them in the gaming lobby.

Meanwhile, in Free Fire, the XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin faded wheel event has returned. The Evo gun skins in the game have its own fan following, and gamers look forward to them because of their originality and distinctive effects. These gun skins are unique in that players may level them up from 1 to 7 to access their emote, effects, and special ability. Players who missed out on obtaining this skin can now do so.

Free Fire new Faded Wheel: XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin event

On May 22, a new faded wheel event was added to the game; it is a limited-time event that will finish on May 28. Because this event is part of the Luck Royale area, it is entirely dependent on the luck of the players. If you’re lucky, you could obtain this skin on your first spin, for 9 diamonds.

For the first, second, and subsequent spins, the prices rise to 9, 19, 39, 99, 149, and 499 diamonds. It provides nine more awards in addition to the grand prize of an XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin:

Free Fire new Faded Wheel event: XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin
  • Magic cube fragments
  • SCAR-Phtamtom Assassin weapon loot crate
  • Destiny Guardian parachute
  • Destiny Guardian XM8 token box
  • Lightning reactor loot box
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Victory Wings loot crate
  • Skyboard- Destiny Guardian
  • Destiny lightning token

How to get XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin in Free Fire new Faded Wheel?

Players must first choose any two rewards from the wheel that they do not want to own before spinning. The wheel will therefore only have 8 rewards, but the possibility of winning a grand prize in fewer spins will increase. After that, you can keep spinning until you acquire the XM8 Destiny Guardian Evo gun skin. The gun skin in this event is of level 1, and users must upgrade it using lightning tokens to receive special effects and a gun emote. At the 7th level, the gun has Damage ++, Fire rate +, and Reload Speed – like attributes.

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