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Teamfight Tactics TFT Set 7 Dragonlands: Release date, dragons mechanic, augment changes, items, and more

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Dragonlands, the set 7 of Teamfight Tactics, brings mythical dragons into existence in a breathtaking way. TFT Set 7 will be released with Patch 12.11, which will include new champions, dragons, augments, items, and other changes to the game.

In Dragonlands, players must amass a dragon army and study magic in order to outlive seven other players. After being unveiled in April of the previous year, the latest Teamfight Tactics set, Set 7: Dragonlands, is almost ready to be released. Set 7, like past sets, will include new dragons, and these dragons will be available in TFT stores as tier four or five champions. With the roster of champions and attributes, as well as the Dragon mechanic, which every new TFT set features, anticipation for the new set is already building among the fans.

Dragons mechanic in the Dragonlands TFT Set 7

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A total of 7 dragons with 3 tier-five dragons as well as 4 tier-four dragons are featured. Since this Dragon attribute exclusively permits one dragon on the battlefield at a moment, it does have its unique traits which do not coincide with those of other dragons. The dragons are as follows:

  1. Daeja is a Tier 4 dragon with the Mirage ability. While dealing damages to the greatest compacted group, it decreases foes’ magic protection.
  2. Idas is a Shimmerscale and Guardian 4th-tier dragon. It is a tank that protects friends while also increasing their attack rate.
  3. Shi Oh Yu is a Tier 4 dragon with Jade and Mystic abilities. It is a melee Bruiser with attack damage who has the potential to be a major carrier.
  4. Sy’fen is a Tier-four dragon with the characteristics of Whispers and Bruiser. With the correct location, it can possibly target backline troops while one-shotting hostile units with its bite.
  5. Ao Shin is a Tempest-trained Tier-five dragon. Ao Shin deals huge AOE damage, but it takes a long time to reach full power.
  6. Tier-five dragon has Astral and Evoker characteristics. Aurelion Sol employs strategic placement, beginning with single units and gradually extending to many units.
  7. Shyvana is a Tier 5-level dragon having the Ragewing and Shapeshifter abilities. It is a co-tank shredder who divebombs opponents for extra AOE damage.

Changes to Hextech Augment in the Dragonlands TFT Set 7

Augment rerolls will be granted to each player to utilize throughout the game. When someone obtains a bunch of useless Augments, users may hedge their bets on getting anything more beneficial for free. Further, the Augment selection timeframes have shifted, and now be available in 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2 stages. This implies that participants are really not obligated to choose prior to actually putting in their openers in Stage 1 and that a failing player just doesn’t want to wait till Stage 4-6 to attempt a recovery. The developers have made Gold Augments the default instead of Silver Augments.

Changes to items in the TFT Set 7

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Hextech Gunblade’s healing has been reduced from 33 to 25%, identical to Bloodthirster. Healing has been lowered, although the shield proportion has not changed. The revised Dragon’s Claw captures the flavor of TFT Set Seven. The fireball has been deleted, and cumulative magic harm has indeed been reduced from 200 to 175 points. When an opponent targets the holder, it replenishes one percent of its maximum health, and if the holder is a dragon, all benefits and impacts are increased by 20%.

What is the release date for TFT Set 7?

The Dragonlands set 7 will be available on the PBE on May 24th in the late afternoon PT, according to Teamfight Tactics’ official Twitter account. It will, however, be made available on the main server on June 8.

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