The in-game events are extremely popular among Free Fire enthusiasts, and the creators are continuously inventing new ones. Gamers anticipate the events since they provide fresh material to the game and boost enjoyment. Apart from Luck Royale events and online activities, the game subsequently added a mini-game event with particular tasks that gamers may fulfill in exchange for free items.

The new mini-game event is similar to the previous one in that it involves dice rolling as well. It is based on the traditional ludo game, however, there are no multiple players involved. This article will provide enough information on the Ludo Fire event, which was newly introduced to Free Fire.

Ludo Fire Free Fire event details

The Ludo fire event has been added to the game on May 27th, and it, like the other mini-game events, is only accessible for a limited time until June 3rd. Players may earn rewards by completing objectives and rolling the dice.

There are two sorts of missions in the Ludo fire mini-game event: daily and weekly. Players can earn 1 to 5 tokens for completing daily missions, and 6 to 15 tokens for completing weekly objectives. After that, the tokens can be used to roll the dice. One token is required for a single regular roll, while three tokens are required for a super roll. The sole difference between a regular and a super roll is that in a super roll, players can select any number from the dice.

Ludo Fire event Free Fire: How to play and get a bundle in reward?

Ludo Fire event Free Fire – Get free Newbie Devil bundle

The bundle’s components are divided throughout the Ludo block’s four sections. To get the Newbie Devil bundle, players must fill the Ludo board with all four colors. The following are the daily and weekly missions for the Ludo Fire event:

  • Play more than 15 minutes – 4 tokens
  • Defeat 6 enemies – 5 tokens
  • Login daily – 3 tokens
  • Play 1 game – 4 tokens
  • Achieve top 10 in Battle Royale – 4 tokens
  • Play 1 game with a friend – 6 tokens
  • Play 9 games – 8 tokens
  • Get 5 Booyahs – 15 tokens

By playing Free Fire, players can earn tokens, and they must reach the end of each color to win the ultimate reward on the board. In addition, on each roll, players will receive assured basic goodies such as gold coins, pet food, and so on.

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