“1,500,000 Vampires awaken!” V Rising reportedly sold over 1.5 million copies

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After just about two weeks since its debut, V Rising developer Stunlock Studios announced that the game had sold over 1.5 million copies and surpassed a new record of 150K perpetual active players. Having players from around the world on board, the executive team has stated that it would now review input received even during the game’s continuing early access phase before proceeding with the final launch.

From its very first release, the game has remained in the list of top 10 of Steam’s highly popular videogames, with mostly positive ratings. Stunlock Studios sold one million copies in the past week, and the game is acquiring new users at a quick rate; even while sales are declining in the following week, the trend is still positive.

“1,500,000 Vampires awaken!” said V Rising on reaching the 1.5 million copies sold mark

V Rising has now sold over 1.5 million copies in less than two weeks, according to Stunlock Studios. It has been an incredible achievement for the little firm to reach such a high record in a really short period of time. Presumably, these figures imply future intentions, and Stunlock stated that the game’s complete release will bring significant surprises to V Rising gamers.

In an interview marketing director of Stunlock studios, Johan Ilves stated, “Our aim will be to determine what matters most to our gamers and how to take V Rising to the next level.” We presently want to focus on larger upgrades rather than frequent smaller tweaks and minor modifications. It’s too early to say when the first major V Rising content patch will be released since we want to make sure it adds something unique to the experience.”

According to Stunlock Studios, the key emphasis is on issue patches, stabilizing, network performance, and efficiency enhancements. Nevertheless, given the huge number of gamers and the very excellent ratings the game has received while achieving the 1.5 copies sold mark, V Rising would gain more popularity soon. Because the developers are restructuring, advancement updates will be less regular, though newer additions will be available this year.

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