How to get the new Demonic Grin FAMAS Evo gun skin in Free Fire for as low as 9 diamonds?

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On June 1st, at the Faded wheel event, Free Fire added a new addition to the Evo gun skins called “Demonic Grin FAMAS.” Gun skins in Free Fire have unique attributes that benefit the player on the battlefield. Legendary, themed, and Evo weapon skins are among the varieties available in Free Fire. The Evo gun skins are perhaps the most costly weapon kind. Because features are usually a crucial difference, the characteristics of these guns are highly enticing.

Players may access unique effects and improve their characteristics by upgrading their gun skins with Evo skins. Garena formerly sold a variety of Evo skins for UMP, SCAR, XM8, and other platforms. Furthermore, as part of the faded wheel event, a new FAMAS Evo gun skin was added to the game today. Players now have the opportunity to obtain this previously leaked special skin. 

Free Fire Demonic Grin FAMAS Evo gun skin: Event details

The new Demonic Grin Faded wheel event has been added to the game on 1 June, and it will be available till 20 June. Players will be able to make spins in the wheel within this time period to get an exclusive Evo skin. The wheel consists of a total of 10 rewards including the grand prize and some normal rewards. The rewards are as follows:

  • FAMAS – Demonic Grin Evo gun skin
  • Cube fragment
  • M4A1- Pink Laminate weapon crate
  • Demonic Grin Famas Token box
  • Sauce Swagger Skyboard
  • Demonic Grin parachute
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Vandal Revolt weapon loot crate
  • Jester’s trick backpack
  • Carved horn tokens

How to get the new FAMAS Evo skin in Free Fire?

demonic Famas
Free Fire Demonic Grin FAMAS- (Level 7)Attributes and special effects

Players have to remove any two of the undesirable rewards from the available prize pool before they make any spin. After removing two items, the wheel will consist of eight rewards and the cost of subsequent spins will increase as 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 for 1 to 8th spin respectively. The Faded wheel event can be found in the Luck Royale section, or directly from the latest event banner. The Evo gun skin in this event is of level 1.

Gun attributes and cost

The Demonic Grin FAMAS skin has attributes such as Damage ++, Rate of fire +, and Reload speed – at its 7th level. Gamers have to upgrade the gun skin using the Demonic Grin tokens to unlock the exclusive emote, kill effect, firing effect, upgraded look, and so on. It will cost around 8,000 to 10,000 diamonds to completely upgrade this new Evo gun skin.

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