Clash Royale confirmed balance changes and release date for June 2022 Season 36 update

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Clash Royale gamers are gearing up for the start of a new season pretty early this month, which is just a few days away. Clash Royale will certainly make various reworks and enhancements to a handful of cards during Season 36, which debuts on June 7th, 2022. Supercell previously revealed an image of all the work-in-progress balancing tweaks, and today in the blog post they have confirmed the balance changes for the June 2022 update.

The adjustments appear to be rather fascinating, and assuming they all remain around, they should cause quite a stir in the meta. The enhancement to the Night Witch will indeed prevent her from being used in decks other than golem decks, as they desire. The Season 36 patch notes are discussed below.

Clash Royale June 2022 “Season 36” balance changes patch notes


Hit Speed: (+9% faster)
First Hit: (+25% faster)

Her use and victory rates both dropped after the recent balance adjustment. This buff replaces the prior Hitpoints nerf with a DPS boost, enabling her to churn out even more Cursed Hogs.

Electro Giant

Hitpoints: (+9%)

Even with a decreased Elixir cost, the most recent redesign rendered him a little too brittle. Adding additional Hitpoints helps him to maintain his ‘Giant’ moniker.


Hit Speed: (+13% faster)

She’s been struggling to find her place in the meta since her Death Spawn Bats were removed. To underscore her dual support/damage dealer function, we’ve increased her incredibly sluggish Hit Speed.


Hit Speed: (7% faster)

For a long time, the above-mentioned cards have all been on the weaker side, but the Barb Barrel has remained rock solid. Now that the Barrel range has been nerfed, there’s a chance to enhance all four Barbarian cards in the game, hopefully increasing their win rate.


Travel Speed: (25% slower)

All of the extra tunnels dug by the Mighty Miner have apparently allowed the Drill to go quicker than normal! The Arena has been filled with fresh soil to slow down the Goblins.


Soul Summoning Ability:(Max. Skeleton count 20 -> 18)

When the unchallenged King of Bones has gathered enough souls, he has evolved into a Champion who exerts too much pressure on the opponent. We’ve told him to tone it down with the whole summon limitless armies of the undead’ thing.


Damage dealt to Crown Towers: 30% -> 20% (-33%)

For a long time, owing to its adaptability and potency, this sentient piece of wood has been the most commonly utilized card in the game. It’s time to nerf it.


Invisibility cooldown: (1.6s -> 1.8s)

This snoozer can be found in a variety of powerful meta decks and can deliver a lot of value. Perhaps a tad too much. Allowing him to be visible for a bit longer may assist to restore equilibrium.


Range: (5 -> 4.5)

Barb Barrel, along with The Log, has continuously been one of the most powerful cards in the game for months. If the Barbarian is unopposed, the Range decrease will allow him to only attack the tower once instead of twice.

These updates will go live on Tuesday, the 7th of June following the maintenance.

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