According to leaks, a new spin-off Minecraft RTS game is being tested

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Former Giantbomb presenter and videogame journalist Jeff Gerstmann talked about what he saw of the project on Twitch yesterday evening, speculating that it was far enough along in production to be included at Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this weekend. He claims it might be a spin-off of an RTS videogame that manages the components from a third-person perspective.

It appears to be a pity that real-time strategy games no longer have much of a following in today’s gaming world. Anyway, such titles are always being developed, and there are a lot of great RTS games around nowadays, but the category doesn’t appear to be as popular as it once was. It would still be going strong, and it might see a revival when it emerges that Minecraft may be morphing into a real-time strategy game.

A new spin-off Minecraft RTS game is being tested by Microsoft

“A new Minecraft is in the works,” Gerstmann added. “I’m not sure whether this is going to be unveiled at Microsoft’s event, but there is a new Minecraft spin-off in the works. Microsoft has been putting it through its paces and releasing it under a codename.”

According to Gerstmann, the new Minecraft is now undergoing a testing process and will include a figure akin to the series’ renowned Steve at the core of the actual gameplay, who will be directing other people in a try to place up a defense against the Piglins.

Gerstmann also stated that he examined some of the game’s images and concluded that it is an RTS game of some type, however, he added that the player-controlled character may “direct units around a third-person perspective” to combat various opponents encountered along the route.

The Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be a crucial chance for Microsoft, which would be looking to kickstart itself following the purchases of Bethesda and Activision  Blizzard. The Xbox and Bethesda showcase commences at 10 a.m. on Sunday, June 12th. The producer also confirmed yesterday that an extended showcase will be placed on Tuesday, June 14th, at the same hour.

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