Apex Legends new event trailer: Awakening event start date, items, and more revealed

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Apex Legends upcoming in-game event, the Awakening Event, was recently revealed by Respawn Entertainment. A new event trailer shows off the event’s beautiful aesthetics, along with a Valkyrie Heirloom weapon that will be accessible after the event commences. Gamers should anticipate an improved experience this time around, with a bevy of new skins and an heirloom to collect, as well as some new gameplay elements.

Respawn, in their recent blog post, described the various modifications, including some involving Lifeline. During the Awakening collection event, Control mode will reappear, with Edges of the World joining the rotation alongside Olympus and Storm point.

Details on the new Awakening event

Control will return as part of the Awakening event, and participants will be able to participate on World’s Edge this time. Within the boundaries of the clinic, players should expect some battles, although acquiring control of the area might offer them a huge advantage. As seen in the event teaser, the topic of this event is “Monsters vs. Mechs.”

The match duration restriction has been reinstated, and we’ve incorporated new logic to decide when the match should terminate, hopefully resolving the issue of matches ending prematurely. However, upon resurrection, players will have full ult charge if they had it when they are killed. At the next level, the creators have now lowered the ratings granted while spawning in the game base from 75% to 50%.

What is the start date for the Awakening event?

As per the announcement from Respawn Entertainment, the start date for the new Awakening event is 21 June. Players will receive the Special Deals page during the Awakening Collection Event, which will contain offers all throughout the event.

What are the items and rewards in the Awakening Collection event?

The Awakening Collection Event offers a plethora of new cosmetic set that is only available for a short period including Atomic Heart Mother for Horizon, Animal Instinct for Fuse, Existential Threat for Ash, and so on. Throughout the event, all the event items will be accessible for direct purchase as well as in event Apex Packages. Every day, players may gain 1600 points, and the tasks are modified on a regular basis. All of these tasks assemble with the Battle Pass, allowing them to complete many missions in one go.

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