Microsoft introduces new features for the PC Xbox App: Game navigation update, Performance Fit Indicator, and more

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Microsoft is introducing a new game performance indicator to its Xbox app for Windows, which would let users know whether a video will run smoothly on their PC before they purchase it. The Xbox app assesses a game’s outcomes on PCs with comparable specifications to yours and predicts how well it would perform. In addition, the June upgrades show fresh adjustments to the navigational system in preparation for forthcoming games and to make navigation easier.

In the announcement blog post revealing the new features, Tila Nguyen, Senior Product Manager Lead stated, “We’ve worked to optimize the app’s backend so that it runs more smoothly and reliably, and we’ve addressed the most often reported issues and will continue to do so with app upgrades. The software has also been updated to make navigation, search, and game installation easier.”

Performance Fit Indicator

The Performance Fit Indicator will now check the game’s functionality on PCs with comparable specs to yours to give you an estimate of how well the game will run. If the PC isn’t up to the challenge of running visually demanding games, users may look up the game’s requirements of a system to learn more about what they would need. It might be particularly useful for individuals who are limited on data. This implementation should prevent customers from spending data by advising them not to download a game they won’t be capable of playing on present specs.

Navigation and other improvements

The sidebar now serves as navigation, and a new games list has been added to the bottom left corner of the screen interface. Users can now locate all of the games they care about in “Search” with more precision, and search results also include titles from EA Play and Ubisoft Connect.  With the new “Games to Play Together” collection, anyone may team up with friends close or far. With the “Side scrollers” collection, users may jump, crawl, and combat while the action moves across the display.

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