Free Fire Gloo Wall X Katana event: Get the rarest skins in the new Moco store

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Free Fire Gloo Wall X Katana event: Since few items are brought to the game with a specific collaboration or celebratory event, Free Fire comes with some of the rarest cosmetics in the game. The return of such items in the game is anticipated by both new players who have recently joined and those who missed those events. The Gloo wall skins are the rarest skins out of all the others because they are never given away for free or at a discount.

The Luck Royale section of the Moco store has a new event that offers some of the most sought-after Gloo wall and Katana skins. There are 12 skin options available to players, they could be able to get any of the skins for as low as 9 diamonds.

Free Fire Gloo Wall X Katana event: Get the rarest skins in the new Moco store

The Gloo wall X Katana event was added to the game on July 29 and will be available until July 5. Players will be able to participate in this event during this time period in order to obtain their preferred Gloo wall or Katana skin. This is most likely the first time Garena has offered six Goo wall and Katana skins in the same event. However, gamers can only select one of each skin from the available alternatives. The following are the grand prizes for this event:

Gloo wall skins

  • Aqua Rogue
  • Stormbringer
  • Death Guardian
  • Disco Fiasco
  • Shamrock Explosion
  • Pink Wink

Katana skins

  • Blood Moon
  • Whirlwind Blade
  • Black Honor
  • Sword of Honor
  • Booyah Day
  • Season of Pink

Along with these rewards the reward pool consists of other normal rewards like weapon crate, cube fragments, Rampage Hyperbook crate, and a weapon royale voucher.


In the Free Fire Gloo Wall X Katana event, players must select one Gloo wall and one Katana skin from the available options. The initial spin will cost you 9 diamonds, and each subsequent spin will cost you more. The preceding spins cost 9 diamonds, 49 diamonds, 79 diamonds, 199 diamonds, and 499 diamonds, in that order. The goodies will be put in the game’s vault section. Even if players only have 50 to 100 diamonds, they can try their luck.

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