Summer Games Done Quick 2022 charitable event receives over $3 million in donation

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The Summer Games Done Quick event concluded in a noteworthy way, with fans raising an incredible $3 million donation for charity. Over the course of seven event days, Games Done Quick amassed more than 42,000 one-time charitable donations.

The $3 million mark was achieved right before an Elden Ring performance, and the crowd immediately began to celebrate. Roughly 120-speed runs, spanning from fast hits to long-distance runs, took place at SGDQ 2022, which took place from June 26 to July 3. Many speedrunners show off tremendous technical expertise, others use cunning techniques to take advantage of strange mechanics and flaws, while yet others merely enjoy the thrill of speedrunning.

During June 26 and July 3, over 150 hours of streaming speedrunning coverage helped SGDQ raise that entire amount owing to contributions from 63 different countries. Donors escalated their devotion in SGDQ’s last seconds to reach the $3 million target.

Generous contributors helped this year’s SGDQ reach $3 million, which was a big factor in the event’s success. This is indeed a feat that everyone could be glad of as it is the first Games Done Quick event to take place in person since the epidemic started. The $3 million milestones was reached during the show’s conclusion when all of SGDQ’s existing contestants assembled in the main lobby and expressed their gratitude to viewers at home.

As per the TwitchTracker reports, SGDQ had an average of about 68,000 viewers over that period, reaching a peak of 102,211 during the Super Mario 64 120-Star run, and had a total viewership of 10,888,660 million hours.

All the donations raised were donated to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that offers medical aid to those afflicted by war, natural disasters, pandemics, or lack of access to treatment. Awesome Games Done Quick, the following big event, is scheduled for January 2023, and we may anticipate marathons like Flame Fatales.

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