Despite negative reviews, Diablo Immortal is earning more than $1 million every day

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According to reports from AppMagic, Diablo Immortal earns nearly $1 million each day, with a high thus far of $2.4 million. Microtransactions are the main component of the game’s economic strategy, which has drawn criticism from players and reviewers across the world.

Only about a week after the game’s release, sales reached their peak, with Blizzard making great revenue. But even today, more than a month after its debut and despite the persistently unfavorable public perception of the game, Diablo Immortal continues to generate more than $1 million every day in revenue.

The source of the information was, which used AppMagic data as a source. The report claims that 10 days after Diablo Immortal’s release, earnings reached their high point, with a revenue of $2.4 million. A 0.3 out of 10 user rating was given to Diablo Immortal on Metacritic. Although, fans should take this report with a grain of salt because Blizzard hasn’t yet revealed any information regarding Diablo Immortal’s earning figures

Diablo Immortal could end up being one of the greatest letdowns in the gaming industry this year given all of its issues. It was meant to be Blizzard’s ground-breaking mobile game, and yet it has disappointed a lot of series fans and drawn criticism for its voracious revenue strategy.

In the most recent YouTube video, Wudijo stated, “Once the Dark Wanderer server is done, I think this is going to be the moment for me to pull the plug completely. Right now, we are still the ruling immortals on that server.” However, Wyatt Cheng, the game’s director, emphasized that some of the critical remarks about it are “based on misinformation” and urged players to “make their own judgment about Diablo Immortal.”

Blizzard Entertainment’s release of Diablo Immortal proved undoubtedly a monetary achievement, but it also dealt the firm a decisive blow in terms of its standing in the gaming community.

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