Web 3 company Polium announces first-ever NFT games console “Polium One”

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In January of this year, Polium, a firm that markets itself as developing the tools and framework for Web 3 gaming, unveiled a brand-new console system designed mainly for Web 3 games.” Polium One,” planned to launch in 2024, is the first NFT gaming console that could operate various blockchain games.

However, a torrent of criticism followed the announcement, forcing the business to immediately clarify certain crucial aspects of the initiative. For those who aren’t aware of it, Web3 refers to the envisioned third version of the internet, that would use blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs.

The developers stated in the whitepaper, “It is challenging to locate Web3 Games since they are dispersed throughout several blockchains especially if you don’t understand crypto. To play their preferred games, users must visit many websites and utilize various wallets.”

According to the firm, To alleviate the dissatisfaction caused by Web3’s becoming more complicated means of ownership, Polium wants to provide a merged wallet and relevant experience. Additionally, they make a strong case for the development of the Polium One console by pointing out that decent gaming PCs are costly to acquire and challenging to construct for most users.

Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, ImmutableX, Harmony, EOS, and WAX are among the networks that will be compatible with the console. In terms of safety, when a user turns on the console or makes a transaction on it, they will be asked to utilize TouchID. When users first connect their console, the software will run safety tests to ensure that it is authentic and safe to use.

According to the company, the key features of the console include TouchID, a Wallet button to instantly access your wallet while playing a game, Haptic feedback, a sensitive touchpad, and a headphone jack for voice chat.

The design seems to be quite straightforward, with the system itself being a tiny box and the controller resembling other consoles. The Polium One’s logo, on the other hand, garnered criticism, with many accusing it of being a direct knockoff of the GameCube logo. 

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