Free Fire Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded wheel offers a new Evo gun skin

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Free Fire has recently added again a new Faded wheel event after the Mad Scientist event, which offers an exclusive Platinum Divinity MP5 Evo gun skin. In addition to this, the rewards pool also includes other Divinity-themed items.

The gun skins in Free Fire provide an advantage to the users, with each skin having its own special attributes. Free Fire gun skins are categorized into three different categories – themed, legendary, and Evo gun skins. Evo gun skins may be upgraded, and each level unlocks either unique effects or boosts the strength of the gun. Since they cannot be gained via crates, unlike themed or legendary skins, they are the most sought-after skins in the game. You can find all the details of the new Platinum Divinity MP5 faded wheel event in this post.

Platinum Divinity – MP5 Evo gun faded wheel event details

The Platinum Divinity MP5 event has been added to the game on 6 July, and players have a good amount of time to participate in this event. This event will conclude on 25 July, and the most fortunate players could even be able to win the big prize at just 9 diamonds.

Players will have to first deselect any two of the available items from the wheel. The first spin costs 9 diamonds, while the subsequent spins cost 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 diamonds, respectively, for the second through eighth spins. Users would therefore need 1082 diamonds to complete all 8 spins in order to receive all the prizes. The game’s vault area immediately receives the goodies.

MP5 Evo gun special ability and attributes

Players must exchange Destiny wing tokens to update the Evo gun skin on the Faded wheel because it only comes in level 1 form. Damage +, Fire rate +, and reload speed are the attributes at level 1, whereas Damage ++, Fire rate +, and reload speed – are the attributes at level 7 or the maximum level. The MP5 skin has the ability to regenerate EP when dealing damage with this gun skin since developers give a special feature to every Evo skin.

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